Who uses what Class 'd' modules?

I can think of 3 or 4 Class 'd' module makers.
I am just curious as to who makes amps with them?
Is the new Onkyo integrated proprietary or B&O or ???
What about Rotel?
I can think of several makers.
B&O / IR (new player) / Cold Amp / Hypex UcD

I know PSAudio and Bel Canto use B&O but am curious about who uses what else?
Spectron Audio uses IEC modules but they make their own. They also sell them to various manuafactures in different power/wattage outputs.

Imo, these Class D amps are the best I've heard including a lot of A/B amps.
Wyred 4 Sound uses ICE modules.
Acoustic Reality http://www.acoustic-reality.com/
eAR202, etc (ICEPower)

Aivin http://www.aivin.com.cn/
DT300 (http://www.aivin.com.cn/files/english/products/proweb/DT300.htm) (Tripath)

Analog Research Technology http://www.analogresearch-technology.com/

AudioArt (NL) http://www.audioart.nl/
Van Medevoort MA240 (Hypex UcD)

Audiodigit http://www.audiodigit.com/
MC 8x100 (Tripath)

AudioResearch http://www.audioresearch.com/
150.2, 300.2, 150M (Tripath)

AV123 http://www.av123.com/
X-Empower, xAmp (prelaunch (http://av123forum.com/showthread.php?threadid=10683))
(Philips class-D?)

B&O http://www.icepower.bang-olufsen.com/sw1067.asp

BelCanto http://www.belcantodesign.com/products.html
Evo (Tripath) eOne (ICEPower)

Bertram http://www.audiokabel.dk/eng-main.htm

Carver http://www.carverusa.com/
300.2, 700.2, 1200.2

Cary Audio http://www.caryaudio.com/
A 306 power amplifier (http://www.caryaudio.com/products/designer/a306.html)

Channel Islands Audio http://www.ciaudio.com/
D100, D200 (Hypex UcD)

Chapter Audio http://www.chapteraudio.co.uk/
Couplet Power Amp (proprietary WMP class-D)

D-Sonic http://www.d-sonic.net/
Magnum (http://www.d-sonic.net/) (ICEPower)

DIYCable http://www.diycable.com/
Exodus (http://www.diycable.com/main/default.php?cPath=140) (Hypex UcD)

Egosys http://www.egosys.co.jp/
Audiotrak DrAMP (http://www.audiotrak.net/drAMP.htm) (Tripath)

Elan http://www.elanhomesystems.com/
D1200, D1600 (12 and 16 channel power amps, Tripath)

Electronic Visionary Systems http://www.tweakaudio.com/
EVS-2 (http://www.tweakaudio.com/EVS-2/Amp_page.html) (ICEPower)

Flying Mole http://www.flyingmoleelectronics.com/
(proprietary class-D)

Gilmore Audio http://www.glacieraudio.com/
Raven, Raptor, Dragonfly (http://www.glacieraudio.com/new%20Glacier%20Audio%20Site/Products%20folder/Gilmore/Gilmore-amps.htm) m/ch (looks like ICE)

Halcro http://www.halcro.com/logic/home.asp

H2O Audio http://www.iceh2oaudio.com/
M250, M500 (ICEpower)

Integra /Onkyo http://www.integrahometheater.com/
DTA 9.4 (http://www.integrahometheater.com/model.cfm?class=Separates&m=DTA-9.4&p=i) 7x120W 8Ω

Jeff Rowland http://www.jeffrowland.com/

Jjaz Audio http://www.jjaz.dk/

Kharma http://www.kharma.com/
MP150 (http://www.kharma.com/frame.htm?products/matrix/mp150.htm)

LC Audio http://www.lcaudio.com/
Predator SE (http://www.lcaudio.com/index.php?page=37) (ZapPulse)

Marantz http://www.marantz.jp
Opsodis ES-150 (http://www.marantz.jp/ce/products/hometheater/opsodis/es150/index.html) (D2Audio) 2ch virtual surround

Medius [DK] http://www.medius.cc/
A II, A III (http://www.medius.cc/index2.asp?target=products&subtarget=amplifiers&view=amplifiers)

MG Audiolabs http://www.mglaudiolabs.com/
Symphony (http://www.mglaudiolabs.com/products/symphony.htm) (Hypex UcD)

Midgard Audio http://www.midgardaudio.no/www/

MindCraft (NL) http://www.mindcraft.nl/
Media Amp One (http://www.mindcraft.nl/mediaampone.htm) (Hypex UcD)

Murano-Audio (TW) http://www.murano-audio.com/
P500, P1000 (ICEPower)

NHT http://nhthifi.com/
Power2 (http://nhthifi.com/2006/products/s/power2.html), Power5 (http://nhthifi.com/2006/products/s/power5.html) (ICEpower)

Nuforce http://www.nuforce.com/
Ref 8, Ref 8b, Ref 9 (nPhysics proprietary class-D)

NuVo Technologies http://www.nuvotechnologies.com/
NV-P2100 (http://www.nuvotechnologies.com/prozone/nv_p2100.htm)

Onkyo http://www.onkyo.com/
A-1VL, A-9755, A-9555 (http://www.eu.onkyo.com/indices/index_com_en_53538.html) (?)

PSAudio http://www.psaudio.com/

Red Dragon Audio http://www.reddragonaudio.com/

RedWineAudio http://www.redwineaudio.com/
Clari-T, Lotus (Tripath)

Rotel http://www.rotel.com/
1077 (7x100), 1092 (2x500) (ICEPower)

Sharp http://www.sharpusa.com/
SM-SX1, SM-SX100

Sonneteer http://freespace.virgin.net/sonneteer.audio/bronte.html
Brontë (Tripath)

Sony http://www.sony.com/
TA-DA9000ES, TA-FA1200ES (http://www.stoneaudio.co.uk/stoneaudio/products/details.asp?product=2439) (S-Master)

Spectron http://www.spectronav.com/
Musician, Troubador (int amp w digital inputs)

TactAudio/Lyngford http://www.tactaudio.dk/ http://www.lyngford.com/
Millennium & others (Equibit)

TEAC Esoteric http://teac.co.jp/av/esoteric/
AZ-1 pre-main (translated (http://babel.altavista.com/babelfish/trurl_pagecontent?lp=ja_en&trurl=http%3a%2f%2fwww.teac.co.jp%2fav%2fesoteric%2fsz1_uz1_az1%2findex.html))

ThetaDigital http://www.thetadigital.com/
Virtu PowerDAC (http://www.thetadigital.com/press-release/virtu-09-06.htm) (Zetex class-Z)

UniwaveTek http://www.uniwavetek.com/
Anaco II

Yamaha http://www.yamaha.com/

Possibly forgot some since my memory is not getting any better.
What about Linn?
Sorry for that - my memory is getting worse. Linns amp is Klimax and I thing it's properiatory class D - isn't it?
I think I got this wrong - Linn uses switching mode power supplies but not the output stage. They claimed in 2006 that Class D won't be mature enough for next 10 years.
Meridian and Genesis use Hypex as well.
That was some impressive list from an aledgedly failing memory Kijanki!

Here is one more. . . I believe the new Mark Levinson No. 52 monoblocks are driven by proprietary switching class D modules.
Guidocorona - what list?.....
Failing memory modules Kijanki? Fear not. . . dump your obsolete DRAM chips and go Flash. . . (grins!)
Dram temporary, Flash slow - no hope for me Guidocorona.

I couldn't find anything on Mark Levinson page about No 52. Do you know that Mark Levinson is owned by Harman Industries that owns:

AKG Acoustics - microphone/headphones
Audio Access - A/V controllers
Becker Autosound - car infotainment
BSS Audio - signal processing
Crown International - pro amplifiers
dbx Professional Products - signal processors
DigiTech - guitar products
DOD Electronics - guitar processors
harman kardon - home/car audio
Infinity - home/car speakers
JBL - home/car speakers & amplifiers
Lexicon - digital processing
Margi - car multimedia
Mark Levinson - home/car audio
QNX - real-time OS software
Revel - home speakers
Soundcraft - mixing consoles
Studer - digital recording
UREI - DJ Mixers, Audio processing
Wavemakers - voice recognition software

No more lists - I promise.