Who makes the narrowest SACD player?

I need to find a SACD player that will fit into an opening that is 16.5 inches wide. The front of the unit could be wider than 16.5 because the entire unit does not have to fit into the opening. It can be a top or front loader. I have built an office with some built in cabinetry and it cannot be modified ( I have already tried). I even wired the openings with their own 20 amp dedicated lines with cryo'ed Hubbell outlets. My Sim Audio 1-5 fits fine and the front panel is slightly wider thatn 16.5 inches.
The Music Hall Maverick is quite compact and plays CDs with or without upsampling as well. It's a great sounding player. I haven't measured it but it's quite a bit less wide than the other standard components in my rack.
the sanyo player.
The Sharp DX-SX1 is about 30cm (12 inches) wide.