Whither Oracle Mk 1?

I've recently been "gifted" with an Old Oracle turntable with a Technics tonearm R & B series, EPA 100, and a sytlus-less Denon DL-110. The table has no motor or power supply. I have been using a very old Linn LP-12, original model. Is it worth getting a new motor/ powersupply from Origin Live to resurrect this TT? Thanks.
Absolutely worth it. The Origin DC motor is considered an excellent upgrade. I don't know anything about the Technics EPA 100, but Vinyl Engine says it was their top tonearm at one point in time. The DL-110 can be improved upon.
You will also need the Oracle Maintenance Kit, which is about $200 or so. The Technics arm is EXCELLENT and I agree a new, upgraded cartridge will be beneficial.

I own and have owned numerous Oracle tables and they can be truly excellent, once setup properly.
I also bought some time ago an Oracle with no real motor to speak of.

I am now using 2 Origin Live DC 200 motors connected in parallel using an Ultra drive and the upgraded power supply. Mind you I am driving the perimeter of the platter and NOT under the plater - this gives more torque using the small pulley. Otherwise you may have speed variance issues from the stylus drag effect on the Oracle.

Using the Origin Live system, I have finally managed to have quasi perfect speed with no stylus drag effect and using 2 motors and a passive pulley in the middle for better grip.

This Origin Live system would cost you some $950 english pounds using 2 motors. The Ultra control box is really excellent and has upgraded parts - but with the Oracle you may have a torque/speed variance issue unless you drive the perimeter.

I do not honestly remember how it was using one OL DC200 motor under the platter. It most likely is fine, depending on how much of a perfectionist you are. You should not hear the stylus drag effect variance as it represents a small speed variance.

Any event, Oracle will sell the motor and control & base for about $1500. That motor unit from Oracle is their latest one used on the MK V, I beleive.

So it depends how you want to drive the Oracle and if you are ready to compromise and tinker a bit.

You can also simply use a stand alone motor pod to drive the perimeter. Their are a few types available...

I would take apart the bearing and see if the trust plate is OK and the platter turns freely - otherwise its a strain on the motor drive...

Oracle can sell a new trust plate and seal so it does not leak oil.
Thanks so much for the help guys. I suspect I will go with the Origin motor and power supply. As far as a leaking bearing, I assume that if I pull the platter and replace or add oil, I'll be able to tell if there is leakage? The Technics arm has some plastic fittings missing, so I may have to look around...