Which wand for a ZYX

I own a Moerch DP-6 12" with both blue and red arm wands.
Which one is the best for my ZYX 3S-SB cartright?
Bryan P
Dear Bryan: The analog technology is not a very precise science, at least on the tonearm/cartridge match. If you already have both arm wands why don't you try it and decide about?: on your system and with your music records you are the best judge.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Dear Bryan,

Adding to Raul's usual wise advice, don't be too shy about going heavier than even Moerch's heaviest (14 grams). I've added the supplementary brass cartridge carrier to my 18 gram eff. mass Schröder - bringing it up to 23 grams. I think this was a touch heavy, but the standard 18 grams (using the aluminum carrier) was certainly not.

The numbers would tell you to not expect this. We know better than to stop at the numbers (grin).

For your reference, a nickel weighs about 5.6 grams (tack onto the top of your headshell with a small piece of Blu-tack). We did this to a 9" Moerch red dot arm - to bring the mass "up" to 11.5 grams. I'd consider this the minimum for the silver based ZYX Airy and Universe cartridges (no experience with the other ZYX cartridges).

Thom @ Galibier
If I had to guess I'd choose the heavier (blue dot) wand, but I agree with Raul. Since you already have both, try both.

Then you'll be the expert and we can ask you!
I have been using the red dot because it took less weight on the back side of the arm (counter weight). I installed the blue dot wand this AM and have been listen to the cartridge. I does in fact sound more focused and purposeful (the music just sounds more right).