Which to choose: Schiit Modi Multibit, Arcam irDAC or Theta DS Pro Prime?

As a wrap-up to my previous post on "Best used DAC for $250," I now have to decide which way I want to go, and which DAC sounds the best of these three. To reiterate, I'm using the coax digital-out of  my Sonos Connect to the DAC, then onto my Roksan integrated (Kandy MkIII). 

As of this writing, I am considering the following based on recommendations, reviews and comparisons:

1. Schiit Modi Multibit
2. Arcam irDAC
3. Theta DS Pro Prime

The Schiit Modi Multibit was recommended by several members in my other post. My previous DAC was an original Dacmagic. This DAC reportedly sounds very good for the price of $250 new and supposedly rivals DAC costing a lot more $$$. 

The irDAC (vs. the original rDAC) is specifically made to accept direct connection from idevices, as well as the standard coax, optical and USB connections. From what I have seen on recent ebay sales history, they can be had for around my price range. The irDAC appears to be rated very well in sound quality. Anyone out there own one that can comment?

The Theta DS Pro Prime is my oldie-but-goodie selection based on reviews from owners, as well as what I could find in comparisons to other DACs of the time. My only reference to Theta was of the Miles CD Player, which was one of the best sounding player I ever owned--along with the Naim CD3.5. I understand this DAC is "pre-USB" and therefore I will need to use my Monster Cable 1/4" mini-jack to RCA cables for anything audio related on my iPad; other than the app for my Sonos Connect. 

My question is this: Are any one of these DAC going to sound noticeably better or worse than the others? For those who own (of have owned a Prime or other Theta DAC) how would the sound of the Theta compare to the sound of the irDAC and Modi Multibit? 

As for pricing of these items, all three of these contenders can be had for around $270 shipped (used) except for the Modi, which is brand new.
Jsbach,I just got my Gumby , Schiit Multibit are very good, since you like theta , Modi is the way to go, 15 days trial...
@jsbach1685 did you get any of these DACs or all of them?

I have the the same question, throw in the PS Audio Digital Link III for good measure.

It seems it’s been asked a lot and usually people say go with the new Schitt, but no one has seemed to have actually A/B’d them. I so curious how they’d sound side by side....

Sure spending $3000 then vs spending $3000 now on new tech, it’s a no brainer. But spending $300 on new tech vs $300 on what once was $3000 - I dunno!

I got a Resolution Audio CD50 recently (MSRP $3,000 circa 2000) and it blows my Marantz CD5004 out of the water (MSRP $300 circa 2016). But I’m wondering if CD players matured before stand alone DACs?
@jsbach1685 did you ever make a selection?

I had the irDAC for a few weeks and it was nothing special to my ears. Also didn’t hold a lock with the airport express I use so I sold it off pretty quickly. 

Currently looking to purchase a used Modi Multibit - curious to hear what all the fuss is about. :)