Which System???

Regardless of price, and just focusing on pure musical enjoyment, which system of the following 3 would you prefer:

Krell SACD standard
Krell kav-400xi

Naim cd5i
Naim nait5i

Rega Apollo
Rega Mira
For just pure musical enjoyment, you can't beat Naim. I am using a nat 5i now, and getting a cd5i soon.
none of them. these are non-tube systems.
What if a unit such as the Musical Fidelity x10 is inserted in to the system?Would that make it tubie enough?
All three will provide musicial enjoyment PROVIDED the remainder of the system (speakers and cables at the very least) are chosen to augument each option's attributes. Though I have yet to hear Naim directly, I do know from personal experience that the Krell and Rega systems are capable of long term musical enjoyment.

What is the goal of this thread? Is this for a personal purchasing decision or are you angling?
i owned a musical fidelity a5 cd player and have had the opportunity to audition musical fidelity-based systems at ces.

i do not hear a tube sound when i listen to musical fidelity components.

i suspect that a low powered set amp would be necessary to attian a "tube-like" sound.
many of the newer pentode or tetrode designs sound more like transistors than tubes.
Actually, I'm just curious to hear others opinions on these pairings. All are system combinations that interest me.
An additional inquiry - which system would you most likely pair with Totem speakers?
All three systems have great potential, but to truly answer this question, I would need some info.

What is the size of your room? How loudly do you listen?
What music do you enjoy? Not what you evaluate with, but music you like and love.
Do you upgrade a lot, do you like to tweek and buy gear?

These are important question; room size will determine power and overall volume potential. Music requirements if you enjoy large scale orchestral or big rock, at high SPL, in a big room. This would need floor standing speakers, you like Totem which run the gambit from the Arro, staff, forest, hawk etc.. They average about 4/8 ohms at 86-88dB, efficiency you will need watts and current, I would suggest the Krell. This of course then would, be further catered to your perfect sound by, cables, PLC, racks feet, ETC…So you would have the power you need for the room and music and speaker choice. Naim gear wonderfully built, rhythmic powerful, fun and a system that brings the magic of music. . Nait5i is 50wats, but has great current drive 500wats into 1ohm. But in a large room and speakers that are 87dB, maybe not enough juice. Small room with small speakers, could be perfect, but the Totem bookshelves from the Mani , Mani2, Mite, Dreamcatcher are all difficult loads, 4ohms at 85-87dB the Dreamcatcher is 8ohms at 87.5. I would suggest the Naim speakers the model Ariva, this would be a great system, Naim has a system approach, they have there own wire and distinct sound, the more Naim you have the better or closer to the Naim sound you get. If you do not like to tweek, more just buy and listen, and if you are willing to get the Naim Ariva speakers that would be a good choice. The Rega system has 60watts of power, but I am not sure of how it drives complex loads. So if you are stuck with Totem, and being that they are low efficiency and difficult loads on average, I would strongly suggest when it comes to the Rega, that you audition the speaker/amp combo the Totems can be a bear to drive, but a pleasure to own.

Please disregard everything Mr.Tennis suggest, I would not suggest a SET amp for a speaker with 84dB efficiency at 4ohms. He is just confused.

Please disregard everything Mr.Tennis suggest, I would not suggest a SET amp for a speaker with 84dB efficiency at 4ohms. He is just confused.
In defense of MrTennis' recommendation (yikes...a new paradigm in kumba-ya), he suggested SET before any mention of Totem loudspeakers...or any speakers.
Yes, confused in thinking the question was "what does Mr, Tennis think is the correct system" and not answering the question of "Regardless of price, and just focusing on pure musical enjoyment, which system of the following 3 would you prefer:"

Confused, he did have the parameters of the question and, if he had followed them, then the speaker choice would not have made that much impact,( all SS of decent power) so the input of SET based on the question is wrong, unless he would have ask what speakers, and can I make another suggestion of amp choice. I have no problems with his recommendation of a SET amp, but without knowing his speakers, it is very poor advice, for we all know that the absolute performance of a SET is directly dependant on speaker choice. The problem is based on the systems that he mentioned in the original post, it was highly unlikely that he would have had, or was planning on a speaker that would have worked well with a SET ( all his choices were SS, and Krell for one does not scream single driver horns) Not to say that he was considering a high efficiency loudspeaker, Tannoy, Klipsch ETC…. Just I would have asked more questions before making such a definitive statement, that does not help or even answer the original question put forth, more just give Mr Tennis the opportunity to push tubes as the only correct system.

I do agree that he did not know and was not aware of the considered speaker choice, but he recommend a system, that should not recommend unless he is aware of the speaker choice, because it limits the performance greatly. Confused remains, as far as, how does his recommendation, answer, or even help the poster.

I do think you are quite noble in the defense of the Tennis
given the efficiency of the speaker mentioned i would suggest a conrad johnson mv 125 amplifier.

i have personally heard it mated mith a magnepan mg 3.

i admit to having a bias toward a "vintage" tube sound.

i suspect each of us has a preference as to what we like.

i happen to dislike solid state amplifiers and preamps.

i am not trying to push the sound of tubes.

i am not affected by the sound of a stereo system i don't audition and i don't gain in any way if a tube amp and/or preamp is purchased by anyone.
I totally agree that the mv 125 would be a great choice, great build,very musical with good muscle. The mv 125 is not an SET and that is what you suggested, though it uses 6650-paired outputs per channel. Again you recommend a product that does not help or answer the question, and even further you recommend a mv 125 which is discontinued so the posters would have to buy used, and without warrantee, and most likely have to replace tubes. Why would you have not recommend the Premier 140 or the LP 70/140 both uses the 6550 and the p 140 uses the 2 pair topology similar to the 125. This would have offered a product that is current that he could get through an authored dealer with a warrantee. You may not like the new CJ line-up, but unless you have had first hand experience with the Totem C/J combo, you are just guessing, even the mv 125 had nothing to do with the exact combo more that you have experienced it with the Maggie mg 3 load, and found it good. I am a huge CJ fan, we have an, ACT2, CT6, and 350 in our factory listening room( along with BAT, Audiopax, Mark Levinson, VPI, SME and Krell) I am well versed in CJ and love there products.

That does not answer the question that was originally posted, which was an opinion of three systems “Regardless of price, and just focusing on pure musical enjoyment, which system of the following 3 would you prefer:”

You are all over the map with your advice and allude to the fact that there are no experts we are all guessing. That is where I have a problem, if you could not give good advice regarding his question, you should not have posted, that proved you were just guessing and makes the industry look foolish.

“I suspect each of us has a preference as to what we like”
absolutely but what does that have to do with the original question.

“i admit to having a bias toward a "vintage" tube sound”
so the only system that you can offer advice on, would be a vintage tube system because you like them?.

"i happen to dislike solid state amplifiers and preamps".
Again , why would you answer a post regarding systems you do not care for, and have no useful input. What does the fact you do not care for the solid-state designs that you have heard so far( or unless you can say you have heard every SS combo available?) have to do with input on the three systems Jh2os inquired about, have you actually heard, tested, experienced, any or all or the exact system mentioned?

"i am not trying to push the sound of tubes”,
Are you serious, your reply to Jh2os question was “none of them? these are non-tube systems” you must admit that answer pushes tubes, at least be honest with yourself.

“i am not affected by the sound of a stereo system i don't audition and i don't gain in any way if a tube amp and/or preamp is purchased by anyone.”
What does that even mean? The question had nothing to do with a affect of a system on the Tennis, did you think that Jh2os wanted you to personally audition the system he wanted advice on? And they were SS, it would affect you in such a way that it may be detrimental to you personally well-being. I now see the confusion
hi lenny. you are misinterpreting what ia said.

i was given a choice--a, b or c. i answered neither.

i have had experience listening to naim, krell and other solid state electronics.

my point in choosing neither is to suggest that according to my preference, neither of the three should be selected.

anyone who posts answers the question based upon a perspective. giving advice is usually consistent with some frame of reference. mine is tubes.

i would look silly recommending solid state if i don't like ss gear.

my recommendation of the mv 125 and not the current generation of cj is based upon my audition of the current cj equipment. i don't like them.

one should not be surprised that a recommendation is based upon one's preference.

if you like certain products, you don't need me or anyone else to reinforce your attitudes.

presumably, someone is seeking a different point of view.

recommending a tube amp or preamp does not benefit me, monetarily or otherwise.

regarding my last sentence. perhaps i was not clear.

i was trying to make the point that any ideas about amps or preamps don't affect me personally so that i have no agenda or stand to gain in any way if my advice were heeded.

obviously i would not audition any stereo system referenced on audiogon for many reasons so that if some one bought a ss component, it would be of no consequence to me.

i hope all is clear now.