Which Silver Bi-wire Speaker cables?

I want to upgrade my Signalcable Shotgun speaker cables with a pair of 99.99% pure silver speaker cables, or possibly make them myself. I need 2 meters bi-wired. Please click on my system (I dont drive stock!) to see my current setup. I just think this system needs a full silver compliment from IC's to speaker cables as I'm using DIY silver IC cables...?

Thanks for any responces.
I just got (2)6ft pairs from Bogdanaudio, username, that I can recommend. They are very reasonably priced & sonically excellent. I know their adds have not expired for speaker cable & i/c. Check them out..Just a happy customer!
If you value tube type sonics you cannot go wrong with
Audio Magic cables. This is particularly true of the Sorceror or higher models in their line.