Von Schweikert speakers..

Hello ladies and gentlemen. I would be interested in hearing any feedback from folks who either own or have done A/B comparisons between the Von Schweikerts (any models but specifically the VR4 SR MKIIs or VR4 JR MKIIs) and the Wilson puppies and sophias or the B&W 802Ds. For those of you who own them I would be interested in hearing which amplifiers you chose to drive them and why. Thanks in advance.
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My opinion. After owning B&W 802's, I found them lacking in bass, definition, air, depth, and are way overpriced. I bought them on a rebound when my wife died...should never have done it.

Wilson - not for me

Von Schweikert....look up goniff

//just my opinion... audition Vandersteen, Magnepan, Theil, Quad, etc.
You've lost me. What does "lookup goniff" mean? As far as price is concerned, the model VSA speaker I am looking at is over $4K less than the 802s. Thanks for sharing your opinion.
Oh ok. You are accusing Albert Von Schweikert of being a swindler. He must in some way be associated with the Bush administration I suppose. Again, thanks for sharing your opinion.
I owned the VR SR mk 11 and I have heard the Wilson 6, 7 ,8 speakers.
Here is my opinion of both.

The VR were ok , they do require a very long break in time. I did play them for many months .
I never quite liked the bass or the treble. The Bass was not deep and defined and the Treble was rather hot.

The Wilson Watt Puppy 6 was shrill the 7's better and the 8's much better.
However, The bass and the midrange/treble on the 8's seemed to be disconnected. Like they were coming from 2 seperate sytems.

I ended up buying the Eggleston Works Andra 2 for about the same price new as the VS new. I like them much better. Better bass and the tweeter used is very refined.
Just my opinion to your posting. Hope it helps.

I think you are misled. If he is a swindler he must have worked with Acorn or Barney Frank and got us into this mess.

I heard VOn Schweikert speakers many years ago and was impressed with their open sound. I'd like to hear the new Andra 2 as the Andra 1 was a very good speaker.
Es347 - I suggest you search the archives on "Von Schweikert". There are as many posts on these speakers as any brand you'll find I expect. You should be able to find the info you're looking for with a search. There are many many fans of their speakers. I am one of them and own the VR4 GenIIIs and also a pair of VR3's.

As for whether Albert is a swindler - I don't recall seeing any posts from customers/owners who felt "swindled". Further, I've had excellent experience with their post sales support.

Finally, there are many opinions of what speakers are good or not, and which are better than others. The only one that counts though is your opinion. Listen to them and decide. At a minimum, VS speakers are worth auditioning.
Strictly tongue-in-cheek mr_bill. Barney Frank is the "goniff" if I may be so bold. Thanks for the civil feedback. Not familiar with the Andra but will research.
Bdgregory...thank you for the reply sir. That's the rub...I can't audition them without flying somewhere. No dealers in the central IN area nor anywhere even within reasonable driving distance. So I have done what I swore never to do...buy a pair of shoes w/o trying them on. AVS has a 90 day money back guarantee which I understand has been taken advantage of something like 2 times in over 700 shipments and those 2 returns were as a result of wife sticker shock, not issues with the sound. Wish me luck especially now that we all know that Albert Von Schweikert is a crook.
Es3747, You are doing just what i did when I bought the VR4 SR MKIIs and i have not had any second thoughts 1.5yrs later. Have driven them with everything from Essance Amps to Mac MC250's, ASL Hurricanes, and a AR VS110. They sound like whatever is upstream.
See what a learning experience these posts are...now everyone can speak a bit of Yiddish...
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Hello Es347,
I own the VR4sr mk2 and enjoy them. They are detailed, dynamic, and most importantly musical. You will be getting a great speaker. It's all about the enjoyment of the music.


That's the rub...I can't audition them without flying somewhere.
I understand completely. I too bought all of my VS speakers without audition. I did a great deal of surfing/reading through the archives here, and bought them used.
I bought my VR-7se's without an audition as well and have been very happy with the purchase.

If you were going to fly anywhere, I would suggest RMAF in Denver this coming weekend. AVS will be there as well as many other manufacturers of fine audio equipment - it would be a great way to get a comparative feel for what's out there. You might even get to meet the now-notorious Albert!!(who, by the way, has provided exceptional support to me, and is 1 of audio's true "good guys" IMHO).

Yes that would be pretty much ideal. I have been on the phone with Albert several times the last few days and have the VS4 SR mkIIs on order. I don't really need to hear them up front with the 90 day trial they offer. I am planning to attend the show in Las Vegas this January. Can't wait.
I don't think you'll be disappointed. And Albert's no crook. Since I have a large room I discussed with him whether I should get the Unifield 3 or the (more expensive) VR5 Anniversary Edition. He convinced me that the smaller Unifield 3 should work just fine and he was right! I couldn't be happier with my purchase.

Your speakers will take a while to break in but your patience will be well rewarded.
Von Schweikert was one of the designers of the Andra, I believe...
"I don't think you'll be disappointed. And Albert's no crook."
Now on both counts it would depend on who you ask.
Happy listenig with your VSA speakers, you are indeed in for a treat. I have found driving them with my 50 watt tube integrated, or my 250 watt SS Acurus amp to be audio heaven.
I had the good fortune to have both Albert and Bob(above) at my home this past weekend to help tune my VR-7s and Velodyne sub to my room (as well as to help eat burgers and drink beers). It was a great experience and I now have an even better sounding system than I thought was possible. Albert's intuitive tuning sense is nothing short of amazing. Thanks again guys.....