Which should I upgrade next?

My amp or pre amp? BEL 1001 amps - 10 years old and a Quicksilver fulfunction preamp 10 years old. These should be the weakest links.

My Speakers - Tyler acoustics - Lynbrook Signature & CD player EMC Mrkll. Both are about 1 year old & and I feel need a new amp and preamp. Wire is Nordost Blue Heaven. Room is 14 x 18. Listen mostly at moderate levels.
I would like to stay with seperates if possible. My budget is $2,000 - $3,000 used. I would purchase either the amp or preamp in this price range and about a year later purchase the other seperate in the $2,000 - $3,000 price range. Suggestions?
What is your AC line like, what power cables, ICs. isolation devices. Try some of these first and maybe speaker placement.
I agree. Start with better AC. RSVP for details. Ern
I'd go with Bigkids advice first, speaker placement can change your outlook on your whole system. I know that I had mine in the same spot for about a year at one time and moved them one day just for the heck of it, It can change the sound of your system as much or more than just about anything you could buy. Can't say anything about your amp or preamp really as I have not listened to them but have always read good things about the pre.