Which Projector in the following situation???

I have a Dalite 106", 92x52, 1.3 screen now and have the 4:3 INFOCUS LP-350. I use this for DVD viewing only, with a room that is not all that light controlled, but do most viewing in the evening anyway. I would like to go to a 16x9 projector and use the progressive from my EAD TheaterVision. RGB if possible, RCA's as a secondary method.

The room is 20 by 14, the viewing position is 13 feet from the screen, and I would like to mount the projector on the ceiling just behind the sitting position, or 14 feet from the screen.

I do not know how to calculate the throw to make the proper decision, but I would like it to be about 14 feet from the screen, if this is possible.

I have thoughts of the Cinema 13HD, Infocus ScreenPlay 110, Sanyo PLC-XP21N (or a copy) or one of the Sony VPL-VW10 or 11HT's. Not ruling out the Sanyo PLV-60HT either. I am REALLY hoping to keep the price in the $3,500 range, so preowned is fine.

Regardless of price, please let me know what you think is best so I can look seriously in that direction. I might have to spend a few dollars more for the 'right' one, and will save some cash if need be.

Look into Sharp Vision projectors, they are super simple to set-up and east to tweek(adjustments on the picture) also you should be able to find one in your price range. Like most things HT related they lose there value faster then anyone can imagine, most of the sharp vision projectors(in your price range used they all should) have progressive scan, invest in a good PC for your DVD player, will increase the detail of your picture and get the best Component video cables you can afford, with a front projector it will make the biggest improvement in picture quality. Also with a 14' throw you will be right on for 100" plus or minus a little bit, fwiw my sharp throws a 100" 4:3 picture in 13 feet. Everyone has there own theory of what's the best, I have had no problems with mine and am very pleased with it, in particular for the money(msrp was only 8600 compared with 50k plus from companies like Vidikron, Runco etc...) sure a DLP will work sure a CRT will work as will a LCD they all do a good job just a matter of what you can afford. They keep getting cheaper, smaller and better, plus I really enjoy that my speakers can image properly with no clunky TV in the way and it takes up NO floor space, a perfect comprimise for me....in case you can't tell I enjoy the projector a lot.

Porschecab, try the AVS Forum: www.avsforum.com
There are some of the most informed videophiles in the world there, and their members are usually happy to be of help. Not to say that there aren't many well informed videophiles at Audiogon, just that AVS is a great resource as well. Good luck. Martin.