Good fit for my Audio/Home Theater situation

I'm in the process of buying a sound/video processor. I currently use a Sony Es Receiver as my surround processor. Please don't choke on that statement. There are circumstances around this. There are two amps used for driving the speakers; Krell 250/a3 and Krell 250. The speakers are Dunlavy SCIII (LF, RF) and Dunlavy SM-1 (C). The surrounds are NHT superones (later replacement). The DVD/CD player is Sony DVPS9000ES.

The current players in the game are Lexicon (DC-1, DC-2) and Theta (Casanova). Any ideas/suggestions are welcome.
If you wish to use the SACD capability of your Sony 9000, you need a processor with an analog pass through...doing an extra A/D and D/A conversion doesn't make a lot of sense. Have a look at the B&K Ref 30 or Bryston SP-1. The Bryston lacks video switching, however. The B&K has a very handy feature for optimizing bass adjustable notch filter to flatten out your worst-case room mode.