Which preamp is good for mcintosh mc275?

I am sure this question has been asked before, just want get more suggestions here... I have a mc275 and a Silverline Sonata. I like the music a bit tubey (not too tubey because I don't like slow sounding systems). I listen to mostly vocal and jazz. I have a few choice right now, and I don't know if it is right for me... More inputs is needed from you guys.

I like the following:

A. McIntosh C220
B. Sonic Frontiers Line 3
C. Pass X1
D. Modwright 9.0SE

Please pick one that you think it will produce the nicest sound, or simply suggest your ideas. Thanks so much!
Good place to ask!. http://www.audiokarma.org/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=54
the c220..made in heaven
I agree c220 is the one!!
Chiming here McIntosh goes best with McIntosh. One more vote for the 220.
Mac with Mac
Have a Mac 275 with a Modwright 9.0SE with cap upgrades and a Mullard 5ar4 rectifier tube.
They drive a pair of Reference 3A Grande Veenas.
Extremely satisfied, could be the end of the road.
Will Sonic Frontier Line 1 make a good combo?
I was using a pair of 275s with SF Line 3 for some time with great results. Line 1 is a decent preamp, but in my opinion Line 3 is way better.
how does c220 compared to c2200?
Any more input?
Hey Finity ;-) First, I must disagree with the Mac preamp recommendations. It's a fine sounding combo, don't get me wrong, but it's important to know (if you don't) that the sonic signature/character of a system is (at least) 80% the result of the amp + speaker. If you like the sound of a fine tube amp (I also have an MC275) the first thing I think you should do is obtain better tubes (than the stock ones) and do a little "rolling" to find out what you like best with your speakers. Once you've got that dialed in as good as you can, you should try a really fine balanced output tube preamp (minimum C500 if you want to stay in the Mac lineup, but you can get better for less money ;-) or a really fine ss preamp (again, you can do much better than Mac for the same or less money.)

I have found that a really quiet (and OK, and moderately expensive) ss preamp combined with an excellent tube amp yields the best performance combination of ambiance, image accuracy, detail and S/N ratio. I also caution that you CANNOT 'have your cake and eat it' by pairing a tube preamp with a ss amp - the ss amp sound will prevail -- as I explained in my remark about the amp + speaker combo; and from what you said in your opening remarks, an 'all-tube' system might require you take insulin ;-)
In line with Nsgarch's comments, I have been finding that I like the counter-intuitive combination of my Spectral DMC6 pre-amp with my Mac MC-40's. The MC-40's have upgraded caps and NOS tubes and sound very good, but they are plenty "warm" enough and seem to like the very high-def (in another combination perhaps "dry") ss pre. This is in combination with Snell original "E"s.
I also concur with nsgarch. I use the latest SS klyne 7 system ( with balanced inputs and outputs) with my MC275 to great effect.
Neil, you'd never get away with this heresey over on the Karma....LOL ;-)!
Neil, you'd never get away with this heresey over on the Karma....LOL ;-)!
Which is one reason I've returned to AG where people are truly interested in audio (most of the time) and satisfy their need for social interaction elsewhere, and in person. I've tired of hair salon gossip and ladies quilting bees ;-)

As for ss preamps, I'm keeping my Levinson 26s and 25s(phono) but Klyne and Spectral would both be equally acceptable in my view.

2muse, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that your Spectral DMC6 was so compatible with the Mac 40's. I'd always heard that Spectral equipment didn't like being paired with equipment from other manufacturers, no matter how excellent, so I'm glad to lay that myth to rest! ;-)