Which power cords should I look at?

I'm using a Shunyata Alpha Anaconda  Helix to a Hydra 6 with a dream State Veridical to my PS Audio Perfectwave  transport and Audio Art Statement 1 cables to the rest of my components with a separate Dream State to a Hydra 2 with an Audio Art Statement 1 to my Pass X250.5 from the Hydra 2. The sound is nice but I read posts of where people use 3K to 6K power cables and of course that would be an improvement but what might people recommend in my system. The Audio Art Statement 1 cables are DH Labs Red Wave cables with nice Furutech connectors. In other words I'm using 1K cables or less and I'm wondering what might be a realistic upgrade to my current cabling. My signal cables are Cardas Golden Reference and I love them. My system sounds nice but curiosity has me wondering what might be a nice upgraded cables in my system?
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I would try High Fidelity Cable. They have a wide price range from entry to very  expensive. They all so have a 30 day money back return policy. Give Rick or Casey a call easy to talk to with no pressure.
I tried High Fidelity CT-2 power cords in my system and they didn't sound good. All systems are different and the only way to know is to hear them in your system. I really like Audioquest's Storm series and Audience power cords.
You should try Audiomica.  I replaced my Prana wire with Audiomica and I have been very happy with them.