Which power amp is a good match for CJ 17LS Preamp

Is any audiophile who owns a CJ 17LS Vacuum Tube Preamp? And which amp should be a best match for this awsome preamp? I tried to audition McIntosh MC2102 Tubes amp and a Sim Audio W5 solid states. But when I listened to those matches I did not hear any differences between them. The interconnects are Kimber Select 1030 and Silver Audio 32 speaker cables connected to Cabasse Iroise 500. Is anyone suggesting any changes?
How about a CJ?
We've spent much time with the entry-level CJ PV10 tube preamplifier and the Clayton S40 pure Class A power amplifier combination, yielding superbly musical results. From our extensive listening experience, we know of no solid state model (not to mention many very expensive tube models as well) that can match the musical performance of Clayton Audio (http://www.claytonaudio.com).
I have a 17ls connected to a MF2500 and am extremely pleased with the combination.
Nguyenchiro, I respectfully suggest that the more critical matching problem is between speaker and amplifier, not amplifier and preamplifier. By and large, my experience has been that there is more complex interaction, and need for balancing strengths, here than between the amp and preamp. That being said, one can still move on to find the speaker that matches well to the amplifier one has choosen. I would simply recommend reversing the sequence based on my experience. Best of luck!
What kind of speaker do you have?
I have a friend that own CJ-17LS and Sim W-5, with BW Nautilus 804 and he like it, did u listen the pair at TOP AUDIO in Orange County any chance?