Which of these 3 dacs is your favorite?

I'm looking for a decent dac to connect to my mac mini and apple TV, which means one with 2 optical inputs.

I've narrowed it down to the following 3 roughly in the $900-1500 price range.

Which do you think is the most musical?

- Van Alstine Van Alstine Vision EC DAC $1300 new
- Bryston BDA-1 $900 used
- Rega DAC $900 new

P.S. The rest of my system includes Belles Tube Preamp, Prima Luna Prologue Seven tube amps, Martin Logan Ethos speakers.
If I remember correctly Apple TV outputs data at 48kHz. It is OK for TV but requires conversion 44.1kHz to 48kHz for CDs and it might cause audible loss of quality.
I am happy with my BDA-1. Several inputs. However, the USB is not asynch, therefore, you should use a USB/SPDIFconverter with the Mac.
Agree with Mesch. I love my BPA-1/BDA-1 combo.
Considered Shiit Bifrost Multibit?.