Which integrated amp?

I am looking for an integrated amp for my system and would appreciate any input/ listening impressions for a couple that I have interest in. I have a couple of musts for any choice. At least one set of balanced inputs, pre amp outputs, and 4 ohm drive capability, 150 wpc minimum, solid state preferred but hybrid ok. My room is 11 x 15.5 x 8. I have a couple of different speakers either on hand or that will be arriving soon. They are the Mosaic Acoustics Illumination, and Meadowlark Shearwater Hot Rod. A pair of Green Mountain Audio yet to be released monitors are to be on there way soon (hopefully). The Mosaic and GMA both need subwoofer support, thus the need for pre amp output. I want the integrated to be flexible in case I decide to go with a somewhat larger floor stander in the future. Listen to mostly rock, hard rock, metal, blues, jazz and contemporary jazz. Mostly I listen at modest levels, but want to be able to put the pedal down when I feel like it. I prefer sound slightly on the warm side of neutral and want to avoid etch/ glare. I would like to limit to $3500 in the used market. I have been doing some research and am interested in experiences with the following;

Modwright KWI-200
Hegel H-300/360
Plinius Hautonga
BAT VK 300x SE
Coda CSI 300b
Parasound Halo

I am open to other suggestions. Thanks for your input.

I own a Simaudio Neo 340i and find it quite wonderful with an Ayre QB9 DSD and Dynaudio Focus 260’s. Its got the power and balanced connectors you want, is very detailed along with just a touch of warmth. Read some reviews on it to see if it makes sense for you. 
Like some others, I recommend the Musical Fidelity M6si. I have the M6i (no built-in phono) and its great at low volume and higher volume thru my Revel F32s. Dual mono design with balanced inputs and Home Theater by-pass. At your budget, you can buy brand new ($3k). Used is usually around $1900. 
I used Plinius 9200 a good couple of years ago . A very good amp, a bit on the bright side, just bright sound. (not harsh treble or something like that, many confuse these two things).
3 years ago I was looking for a good integrated amp and listened to a few. I could compare Modwright KWI-200 to Ayre AX5 in the same system. Ayre much better, more sophisticated and so on. The best I found was Gamut 150, probably out of your budget. Karan 180 very good also (I bought it). Karan is dancing on a thin line separating solid state and tube camps. I know Hegel 300, my friend owned it. Good amp, organic sound, precise ... a bit on the cold side though which is not to my liking.
There are many good amps, they sound differently, you need to listen to them. Only your ears can tell you the truth, you will know if you like the sound.
Reviews are bought by distributors mainly, reviews are always good. Some stuff sounds terrible though despite positive reviews.

Only your ears... and nobody else . Regards.