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Which integrated amp?
PS - The Ayre AX5 Twenty is sublime, but well over the OP’s budget. Cheers 
Which integrated amp?
I own a Simaudio Neo 340i and find it quite wonderful with an Ayre QB9 DSD and Dynaudio Focus 260’s. Its got the power and balanced connectors you want, is very detailed along with just a touch of warmth. Read some reviews on it to see if it makes... 
2017 amps - $10K to $15K who is on your short list?
Ayre's AX5 Twenty sounds wonderful to my ears at this price range.  
Best female vocal recording on CD?
Wailin' Jenny's.   3 gals in one brilliant band. Look for the Live album, then play the last track: One Voice. Wonderful! 
Will a Linn Majik drive Proac Tablette 2000 Signat
I have driven B&W 602s2 and Linn Ninka with the old Majik and was happy with the results. The Linn Tukan would also be a good choice. 
Best way to aktively drive Linn Ninkas
Bmdduck,It is all subjective for the store my dealer works at, other salespeople like the 2250, but my guy does not. He finds the 2250 to sound BIG, but less sweet than the others he prefers. He never liked the 5125 at all. He does descr... 
Best way to aktively drive Linn Ninkas
Hello,I'm working towards the same setup, and I'm going for LK140's as per my dealers suggestion.He is not a fan of the AV amps for pure stereo. He also says the LK140 is MUCH better than the LK85. I go for quality over quantity, and listen to mos... 
Linn LK140+Kolektor with B&W CM1?
A few years ago I ran a Linn Mimik/Majik combo into DM602s2's. It was a little brighter and more forward than the Ninka's I have now. I enjoyed it but missed a little of the fluidity that I got with the all Linn setup I have now. I'll soon have an...