Which frieght company to use to move a 200 pound amp?

Anyone konws a good freight company to move a 200 pound Krell amp from MA to LA? Thanks
OCEAN AIR --- 1-800-777-1112

They are gentle, reasonable, and great to deal with. They are the main shipper used by Krell.

If you are near a majot airport(Logan or Hartford in your case), call ForwardAir, you have to take it to them and pick it up, but it will be handled very little,will be flown,palleted and well protected, and probably cost you around 80 dollars. I use them on all the big stuff and all the valuble stuff, incredible.
BAX Global, Quick, reasonable, and have not had problems with damage.
DHL can do that for us in about *19 hours* for $186 for door to door delivery (and these guys have never damaged or lost anything that we have shipped, and we use them DAILY).

BAX for 2-3 day service is also a good choice (although not for long
rectangular boxes, such as what Mirage & Martin Logan ship in).

Airport to airport in an option if you and the seller are willing to go through the hassle, but make sure you don't seal up the item before they inspect it. The security with private party air cargo has always been stricter than most of the other options available, so I can only assume it is even stricter since the Sept 11th attacks.

BTW, the #1 problem we see with consumer hifi shipments?
The packaging.

The #1, for lack of a better word, dumbest excuse we hear?

"That's the box it came in", which means zero to the claims adjuster if it is inadequate.

We ship daily and have had *1* claim this year (with Fed Ex).
Package it right the first time.
Remember: Audiophiles want equipment, not insurance claims.

I think Bax/Global to be one of the better ones. I use them for all heavy gear transportation
Forward Air does not ask you to keep the package open.It is your responsiblity to pack and to pack well as HelloSimplyMusic states. Forward Air only wants the item dropped off and picked up, they will want to know the contents, and you will list them on the invoice for insurance purposes anyway, but I have never had a package opened, and I have shipped with them a few times since Sept 11th, a couple of power amps and a pair of L300 JBL's, to differnet locations, and with no problem.
Bax Global is good for the really heavy stuff. Competitively priced, I found.
I've always had success with a company called "Craters & Freighters" Good Luck!
BAX Global shipped a 150 lb, 30" Loewe TV from CO to me in CT without any damage (in orig box which wasn't that great. Cant remember the cost, but it was about $125-$150, door to door.
Piolt air, cheap and fast!
Service by Air. Great service, nice people, good rates, can obtain tracking data on computer. 888-SBA-0797 or check out www.servicebyair.com
BAX GLOBAL every time. They are simply the most reliable and they never damage a thing. I believe it's because they palletize all shipments and they fly the goods rather than loading and unloading them onto one truck after another. The item you are shipping is handled twice...once to load it, and once to un-load it. And pound for pound, they are cheaper than Fed-ex or UPS...or any other freight company I can think of.