Which DVD players put out a true 24/96 digital out

In the FAQ page of Bel Canto website dedicate to DAC 1
I read:"Some players put out a true 24/96 digital data stream, generally more expensive DVD player down- sample this digital data to output 16/44."
What is the meaning of that? I thought that all DVD players
do that.What is a DVD whit these possibility?
Thank you in advance.
Massimo from Italy
Theta DaViD.
Pioneer also.
Technics DVD-A10.
Sonys also tend to pass the full 24/96 signal through the digital out.
I have a Pioneer DV-414 which outputs 24/96 digital.
Sony DVP NS900 V

I think that all DVD Players made over the last three or four years put out a true 24/96 digital signal. I know for a fact that all of the Pioneers do (even the low-end models). My Pioneer Elite DV-37 passes out a true 24/96 digital signal through its coaxial and optical outputs without any problems at all.

I believe, because I've seen it printed numerous times including in Widescreen Review, that the very inexpensive Sony DVP-S560 has 24/96 pass-through.

I've always been puzzled by the common statement that very few, and only high-end, players pass the 24/96 signal. What am I missing? It appears to me that the opposite is true.