Which direction?? - KCI Silkworm ICs

Using KCI Silkworm ICs from CD Player to Preamp.
Which direction should the ICs point?

Yet it does.

Do the ICs have arrows? If so, they point from source to sink. If not, you want any floating shield to be attached at the source end. If there's no floating shield, try both directions, but keep them in one way for a bit and listen closely. Then flip them and do the same..
Just looked them up.. I only read about the silkworm+, not the original. From what I can tell, there is no floating shield, so you don’t have to worry about that. So, if it matters to you, just listen both directions. I don’t bother with wire directionality, I’ve yet to want to spend time listening to everything in both directions. That said, when I build my cables, I always maintained conductor direction. Enough people I trust and whose findings I have verified in my own system say it makes a difference for me to at least keep it in mind when building.

Maybe when my kids go to college and I have more time, I’ll play with directionality. Right now I’d rather use the small amount of listening time I have to actually listen to music than listen for differences. Now, if I happen to stumble across a difference during normal listening, then I’ll dig in.