Late to the Silkworm + party but happy to be here

I would first like to thank all of the contributors here on Agon for all the helpful suggestions and information that has aided and abetted me in the pursuit of audio nirvana. I have used the layered tweek approach to improving my system based on what I have read here. Thank you all very much.

I purchased my first pair of KCI Silkworms about 3 years ago while I was on the cable-go-round. I was very impressed and bought two other pairs in different configurations. THEN I heard that KCI was offering a trade in of old Silkworms for this new Silkworm + concoction. Happy to be off the cable go round and extremely happy with my Silkworms I refused to take the bait, for as long as I could stand it anyway.

Others have written reviews of the +. I am not a reviewer so will not bore you with details of my experience but want to confirm what others have written. I am still having a difficult time believing that the improvement of the + over the basic model is so substantial. The wizards at KCI have really cooked up another amazing product. I did not think they could possibly make such an improvement to the basic Silkworm. BTW, I am still going to keep my original Silkworm anyway.
Hi Orcas,

Glad to see that you're already enjoying the new Silkworms and thank you for the kind words. So you've decided to keep the standard Silkworms as well? Will they be used on that tuner you mentioned? Do you mind telling me about the tuner, or maybe letting me give that baby a listen(in your system) as I'm in need of a tuner for the office here and am torn on what to get. Don't want to spend a fortune as it's just to listen to while I build cables(ipod crapped out) but don't want a terrible sounding one either. I was considering one of the older Sansui's, know anything about them?

Thanks again!!

I have been thru several tuners and the best sounding to my ears are the Mac tube tuners. I have a McIntosh and like it better than the Mc solid state tuners (MR 78 and MR 74) I owned both. I have not compared other tube tuners to the Mac. To me the Mac tube tuner sounded better than an Accuphase T 101 that I had as well. I did direct comparisons in my system of the Mac MR 65B vs. MR 74 and 78, Accuphase T 101 and liked the MR 65B better. I have since gone to an MR 67 and a modded MR 71. Both beat the 65B.

The Silkworms I thought might be over kill for an old tuner but they really give it more life. I have heard and read that the Sansui's are really nice but have not heard one. Guess I am just tube stubborn.

Hi Orcas,

I apologize for the lengthy delay in my response, just got sidetracked and forgot. Thank you for all the information you provided on Tuners, very much appreciated. I know this is the cable section but I've just got to tell you this, you're not going to believe it; I had a great local customer stop by to pick up his new cables(he has been slowly upgrading his system and cables). As he's walking out the door he says, almost non-chalantly- "Oh, I've got something for you in my car". He walks out to his car and comes back with a beautiful Mac MR 65B tuner, hands it to me and says "Here man, you've always taken such good care of me so I wanted to return the favor it's yours". He refused to take any money, just gives me a beautiful Mac tuner!! I must be one of the luckiest guys alive!

I Already have that baby hooked up and running and it sounds great, but, I think I need to buy a better antenna than what I have which is one of those Radio shack "T" wire type deals. Any recommendations for a good antenna?

Thank you,