Which classified section do you peruse first?

Regardless of what I needed, I would go "digital", "preamps/amps" and the "tweaks" section last.
Because I went in this order,I found some good deals, but lost some also that were in he "weaks" section.
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i just check the "new today" listings almost daily. seems to be the best way to catch deals right out of the gate.
Actually, I check by manufacturer first, not component. After I've checked out my favourite manufacturers, then I'll browse the "new today" listings to overview everything else that is new to market and see if anything catches my eye.
New today, gone tomorrow.
Another vote for "New Today".
"New 2 Days" nearly daily.
New today with my morning coffee...
Zipcodes near where I live.
New today...zipcodes is a good idea, never thought of that.