Which amp would be a good match for my system?

I am using a CJ PV11 preamp and Martin Logan Aerius speakers.I am considering the CJ MF2100 and MF2250 the Aragon 4004 MKII and the Aragon 8008BB. Or would you suggest another amp for consideration.
I think you want something which is fast, fast, fast, while sustaining musicality.
The Simaudio can sometimes sound a little sterile, but when mixed with the cj preamp could do the trick.
Also, the BV audio is very neutral, and fast.
Belles, (Dave is one of the good guys) makes some great realtively inexpensive amps for this product.
Electrostatics have a way of depleting the current quickly, so think of output into 4 ohms while considering this.
ML will give you honest advice too.
My experience with teh Aragon is that it is wirey and thin sounding in the last two or three octaves. But personal taste here is the key. Audition all if you can and narrow it down. Two conrads may be a little too syrupy sounding.
Good luck.
Larry R. Staples
The Belles 150 A Hot Rod deserves your strong consideration. I haven't heard a more musical amp for anything close to it's price. It is rich and smooth and still gives you lots of detail. Dave Belles is a real craftsman, and he has created the best bang for buck amp in the $1500 range. It would be a great amp for your CJ and speakers.
Odyssey stratos (stereo or mono) has the high current that your martin logan speakers need while maintaining it's fun to listen to musicality.
I would suggest the CJ 2250A or 2500A. Either would be a perfect match for your CJ PV11. Also no matching issues if you stay within the CJ family.