Which Allnic? H-1202 or H-1201?

I am thinkin of upgrading my phono stages (Live! MC-10 SUT, Denon HA-1000 head amp, Magi Phonomeral phono pre).
I have SPU gold ref, SPU silver meister MKii, Denon D103r, Ortofon MC20-super, AT150mlx, and a few other super low MC Ortofon cartridges.
I wonder whether either of these Allnic phono preamps would outperform mine, or would it rather be a lateral move. Currently H-1202 sells at $2950 new and H-1201 sells at under $2000 used.

How much H-1202 is better than H-1201? I have tried to find out opinions on those two models, but haven’t been able to.
The only I got so far is https://www.lotushifi.co.uk/the-new-allnic-h1202-phono/. According to the link,
Switching to the prewarmed H1202 and playing the same track I am afraid cliche number one was starkly apparent from the opening few bars. Everything was closer, more immediate, more tangible, just like those couple of bed sheets had just been pulled off the speakers. There was an instant sense that you are quite a bit closer to the actual grooves in the Vinyl. The H1202 is simply more of everything, more articulate with greater shape to all the sounds, tighter, taughter with fuller and more precise bass and the texture and timbre of instruments sounded more fully developed and expressed. Those snare hits and strident guitar chords near the end almost sounded like they each had their very own limitless amplifier as they leapt out of the mix with a huge amount of force allowing you to appreciate the dynamic power of the Etna in a whole new way.

Out of interest I switched back to the H1201 and ran the track again and sure enough, the outgoing unit now sounded dull, a little polite, a touch blurry and just less structured and dynamic overall. The sound in the room was also just smaller with less space and air in the entire performance.

That says a significant difference between the two. Any of you who has experience on those two Allnic models agree on the review?
Save yourself from the obsession of "which one is better?" opinions. Your ears are the only judge.

Get the 1202 if it's agreeable with your wallet. The 1202 is being phased out for the 1205.
I've demoed the 1201, it's a fine unit in it's price point. Even better at the used prices. The tube rectified vs SS rectification thing is yet another subjective spec with no real "final answer."

That said, the 1202 is the latest model of an already good phonostage, why wouldn't it be "better"?
Thanks for your response.
Save yourself from the obsession of "which one is better?" opinions. Your ears are the only judge.
That's a really wise advice, but I can't still stop asking. These kind of questions may sound silly and they all sound like splitting hairs, but I am still debating which way to go. Under $2000 for H1201 used, $2500 for a used H1202, and $2950 for a new H1202? If the review is very true, then I would have no hesitation to go for H1202 with more money.
Also, would they all outperform what I currently have? Only my ears will be able to tell on my systems, but I would like to hear what others think about.

About 10 years ago when I had Tyler Linbrook Signature Systems tower, I was very happy. When I had Harbeth C7 ES-3, Harbeth sound much better. Then, now I have Gershman Grand Avant Garde, and Gershman sound so much better than the other two. I think the Gershman have a lot more potential to sound better, but I wonder whether either Allnic will make it happen.
" but I can't still stop asking. These kind of questions may sound silly and they all sound like splitting hairs, but I am still debating which way to go."

I get it. I took a look at the Magi. It appears to be a decent unit, but I'm guessing either Allnic will be a sonic upgrade. You can ditch the step up/IC's for LOMC. More stuff out of the way.

If you can find the 1202 used for $2500 or less, that's a win.
I will see if 1202 sounds that good. 
Anyway, I have three arms working, and will have two more arms functioning shortly, so the Hashimoto SUT and Magi phono won't go away.
By the way, the new H1205 looks so pretty good. I wonder how much it will be.
It does look interesting.

Allnic should have put a traditional sized faceplate, but it does look better than the 1202.I like the exposed tube look.

Good luck, report back with your assessment, once it's settled in.
I got H1202.
Listened to it over the weekend.
It sounds better than my $1000 SUT and $1000 Phono stage. Not by a wide margin, but still it is a recognizable improvement. Also, it is dead quiet. There is virtually no hum at low - mid high volume. The hum is noticeable only when it is turned to high volume.
The phono pre in my Plinius M16P is very low on hums, but Allnic is much quieter.
Overall, I like it. I think it lives up to all glowing reviews. 
I see there are many Allnics for sale after Allnic released new models on February. Grab one if you are on the market.