Which 300b amplifier for Devore O/96

I am looking to upgrade (and simultaneously downsize) from Coincident Frankenstein Mk2 300b SET monoblock amps to one of these stereo amplifiers.

These are the four candidates so far: Nagra 300p, Luxman MQ-300, Wavac EC-300B, Air Tight ATM-300R, Shindo Cortese 300b

My preamp/dac is Bricasti M12 and my speakers are Devore O/96.

I am not looking nor interested in any other 300b amps at this point.

If anyone has compared one or more of these amps (esp on an Orangutan) do chime in.

Where I live I can probably demo the Nagra and the Air Tight but nothing else.

My recommendation to OP.

Get the NOS Wes 300B (6k$ or more) made before 1960, then Coincident Frankenstein will be alive again.

Or you can get Line Magnetic 508 or 805, then you have lot of room for tube rolling.

After tube rolling, LM amp sounds very  close to Silbatone 300B SET which will blow up Nagra.
To state a fairly obvious point, I would just suggest that you make a point of including recordings having particularly wide dynamic range in your assessment. Such as many recordings of classical symphonic music, if you listen to that type of music. For a given average volume, recordings of music having narrow dynamic range and/or recordings that have been engineered with a lot of dynamic compression are of course less likely to reveal the issues Ralph and JSautter have referred to
:)  OK. These are all on LP.

Wagner Gutterdämmerung, London, Solti conducting, final scene (Immolation scene)Verdi Requiem Soria Series RCA, side 1 track 2 Dies Irae
Black Sabbath 'Paranoid' German white Vertigo press, side 1 track 1.Canto General America Insurrecta Atma-Sphere 3-001
Play any of these anywhere near a satisfying volume and that power problem is easily revealed.

Perhaps these previous posts supplied all the information you wanted.
If not, one other source you might want to engage in a mind-meld with Glen at Tubeaudio.com He sells Devore, Line Magnetic, Nagra, Shindo, Leben, Innous, Odin and many others. Ten minutes with Glen or Bill and
you can sh-t can most the above.
@essrand Just commenting so I can come along for the ride. Very curious how replacing the Franks goes, please report back over the months as you try various options.  

Can't remember if you commented on one of my amp threads, but damn I struggled to replace mine in driving my Coincident PREs.  Tried some quality class D, class A, and OTL amps but always preferred the Franks.  All those amps bettered my monoblocks in various ways, but it was never quite enough.  I am currently building a First Watt F4 to use as a "booster amp."  Everything I read suggests that putting it on my bass cabinets (driven directly by the outputs of the Franks) will greatly improve my low frequency control.  I'll also try running speakers full range from the F4, but fed from the Franks loaded by 8 or 16 ohm resistors.  6moons claims this gives you all the liquidity and dimensionality of a non-distorting set (because it simply sees a perfect, constant 8/16 ohms), but with the full current and bass control of a great class A SS amp. 
@firstnot  Damn, what a perfect situation...