Where to take a Bogan DB 230A Integrated

I was given buy my uncle a very nice looking Bogan DB 230A integrated amp. I have not plugged it in to test. I thought the best thing would be to have it restored/modernized. I would kike to know if anyone here dose that kind of work or can recommend a competent tech. I see plenty of chatter about Dynaco but nothing about Bogan. I also have a very tiny Eico HF12 integrated, looks like maybe a mono amp? Who knows anything about that piece? Thanks, Mizike, AKA  Allen SIll. 
Believe it or not Bogen is still in business but I don't think they support home audio equipment anymore. They are nice little amps but you can probably buy a better tube amp for the cost of a complete restoration. Probably better as a display item on a shelf. Same deal for the Eico.
I’m not familiar with that model, but looking it up on radiomuseum it looks pretty cool. It also looks like it’s fairly easy to work on (most bogens are). Anyone who repairs tube amps could do it without issue. If you can’t find a guy locally, I would send it to Bill Thallman at Music Technology in Virginia.

if you’re handy with a soldering iron you could do it yourself, but I suggest getting a variac and power it up very slowly over a day or 2. It may run fine once the caps reform (but not for very long).