Where to repair Krell KST 100 in Chicago?

My friend has a Krell KST 100 amp that is malfunctioning and he would prefer to have it repaired locally. Can anyone suggest a repair shop that would up to the task and that could repair the amp in a reasonable amount of time? Bob
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I would try to convience him to send it to Krell.

I live in San Francisco, and although I can get units fixed locally, I prefer to trust it to Krell. They won't just fix it, but go thru the unit to bring it to its highest standard.

And my Krell gear is heavier and costs me a lot more to ship it from the west coast.

Ship it to Krell!

I will tell you that they do absoloutely the best work out of any repair center that I have used. Your unit comes back, cleaner than it left, they internally clean the product, and they will not let the unit out until it sits on the burn rack for a lengthy time. They are fanatic about the cleanliness and care that they take with your unit.

They are not cheap, and I'm not a big fan of a few of the policies that they have. They will charge for $100+ for a new carton if you do not ship the unit in the original box, and they will insist on replacing expensive capacitors, at a hefty premium. But all of this, they feel is needed to keep you happy after the repair, and ensure that two months later you are not in a bind again. That is what you ultimately want anyhow?

I'm not too sure what the value is on a KST-100 these days, or if it is worth having repaired, but it probably is at least worth a call to Krell and shipping it to them for a repair estimate.

Try to get a 1980's higher end electronic product repaired, Marantz, Sony, Kenwood, etc. You will be hard pressed to find the transistors, capacitors,etc. Krell can still repair the first amps and pre-amps that they manufacturered.

It is all built into the price of the product.

If you really do not want to ship it in, call Skokie TV and electronic rapair in Wheeling, and see if they can help.
I will be sending my faithful KSA 250 in for repair.
Thank you for the update on their service/repair.
Now, if only I could get someone to help me carry the 144 lb. Monster to Fed Ex...
Hi Bob - I'm with the others, send it to Krell, although if it's capacitors needing replacement I can probably help.
Brian and all the rest thanks for your suggestion to send it back to Krell. My friend is not sure what the problem is but most of these units seem to have filter caps that go bad. I will advise him of the consensus on this board. He seemed dead set against sending the amp away feeling it could be serviced adequately somewhere in the windy city. There must be a good service center here in Chicago. Bob