Where to buy tweeter for Von Schweikerts?


I'm curious as to if anyone knows what brand of tweeters where used in the VR3/VR4/VR1000/VR2000, well, pretty much all the original VR line of speakers, and where one might go to purchase them, both the front and rear ambiance tweeter in aluminum, the rear of which was an upgrade on later models in the Aluminum form. Thanks so much for any assistance!
Why not talk to Albert VonSchweikerts about tweeters.
why not call or email VSA and they probably can get them for you.www.vonschweikert.com
Madisound carries them. www.madisound.com Was a Vifa.
Thanks Drrasta! I tried contacting VSA by email and was blown off 3x now! Would anyone happen to have a phone number to get ahold of Mr. VonS dirrectly at work? Thanks!
I've called the number posted on the website and actually had Albert Von Schweikert pick up the phone on more than one occasion, and not only that, he actually talks to you about anything you may have to discuss. His employees are also very helpful and will help you anytime, if I remember correctly I also spoke to someone named Kevin who was very helpful.
Hello! I didn't see an answer in the other responses. The tweeter used in the VR-4's (all versions, front tweeter) is an off-the-shelf Vifa D25AG-35-06. There were no modifications made the the unit, apart from prying wider the holes on the solder tabs to accept the 16ga. hookup wire. I'm an EE and speaker designer and former employee of Von Schweikert Research, and have a thorough knowledge of the product line - if you have any further questions, I'd be glad to help. frank@auvialoudspeakers.com Take care!
P.S. The aluminum rear tweeter on the VR-4.5 was not the same driver as the front - you'd better contact me with a more specific question - not all of the tweeters, even the aluminum ones, were the same...