Von schweikerts vr4 or vandersteen model 4 ?

Anyone give info,on which speaker will work in a 16x12 listening room. Which is easier to drive,and easier placement.better sounding etc.. Thanks.
The Vandies will be easier to place - and the VSRs need a fairly large space - 16 x 12 is probably a minimum - but overall, the VSRs are a much better speaker across the frequency range - real keepers. I had my VR4s modified by Albert to 5s, well worth the money to the point where I truly believe I will own these until . . . . well, for a very long time.

My old McCormack DNA .5 at 100 watts did not have the oomph to push them, but my 150 watt Rowland Model 10 does it with ease and grace.

Good luck, and good listening.

The Vandys will need a separate amp for the sub-woofers, and have not been made for quite some time, FWIW.