Dk Design VS-1 Mk. 2 Amp with Von Schweikerts?

Have any Audiogoners heard this DK Design MK.2 Amp with Von Schweikert loudspeakers? To those of you who have purchased this DK amp, how happy do you continue to be with it? What do you consider its strengths and weaknesses? How does it play at low volumes? What amp did you replace to get the DK design amp? I currently have the Pathos Acoustics Logos hybrid integrated amp that also uses 2 6933 Tubes. Thanks for your thoughts. Stephen
I'll let you know shortly as I picked up the line and have a full array of VSA loudspeakers here, being a dealer for Von Schweikert Audio as well....

I'm anxious to spend some time with this amp. I picked up the line entirely based on comments from other VSA dealers who like the synergy between the two products. Impatiently waiting my stock of amps to arrive.......

I had low level listening problems and that was the reason I sold my low levels, you can only hear the left side , as the unit is turned up the sound stage once again is centered...
When I contacted Daniel (owner of DK) he said this was normal and happens with all the VS-1 units

remember, this happened at considerably low levels...

I do a lot of low level listening so the amp had to go.

As a VSA and DK Design Group dealer,,,, a client of mine who just purchased both the VS-1 and VR4jrs emailed me a few nights ago and stated after connecting up,, "delivering powerful, crisp natural music satisfaction". His children are classical music students and he has an ear for "live".

Simply put, the synergy between the products could be described as superbly graceful and refined with all music, from the simple to the large and complex. Very easy to forget the physical presense of the "enclosures" and become absorbed in the musical experience. Their is a high degree of detail and transparency, the mids reflect the nuance and texture with just the right touch of "velvet". Bass has plenty of authority and tightness/rightness. I have yet to replace the stock tubes with the Seimens and the VS-1 has perhaps only 40 hours in my rig. (w/VR4jrs).
I will be moving a pair of Hyperion 938's in at some point and expect the same sonic attributes and prestentation.

The VS-1 has been the surprise component in the chain. Its a knockout at any price!

I spoke to Daniel Khesin at DK and asked about this volume problem at low levels that some people reported, since I did not have this problem on my unit. He told me that this problem was isolated to about 20 units that left the factory without being detected. He told me that as soon as they caught this problem they immediately corrected it and all units shipping now will not have this. So this is definitely something that is not normal and does not happen with all VS-1 units.
I have two customers with DK and VR4Jr's and they love the combo. Both replaced nearly $10,000 worth of Audio Research separates. The DK just does everything well. I have had several people find the Jr's a little dry with other electronics, but with the DK everyone that has heard the combo loves it. Brian