Where is best place to have a Marantz 10B tuned up

I live in NYC and would rather not have to ship this unit, but will listen to any recommendations wherever they may be.

Although this is a beautiful sounding tuner for the one or two stations in my area where transmission of good sound counts, I find that it does fall down in the area of raw station pulling power (sensitivity, selectivity and spurious rejection). Weak stations in my area, which are the ones with the good sound AND interesting music, are either not received or received poorly. I would like to know my options for optimizing this tuner. I just want to make sure that I am getting everything this tuner can deliver.

Thanks to all who reply.
Audio Classics has an excellent reputation for service and
repair of vintage equipment. They specialize in McIntosh
but I've heard they do well with Marantz and other brands.
Occasionally they offer the 10B for sale.
Actually through more research I was able to answer my own question:

Tom Cadawas
Cadawas Acoustics
92 Oneida Avenue
Staten Island, New York 10301
718 981-9138

Tom Cadawas was former QC and service manager at Marantz in the company's Golden Days. This is the person whom Saul Marantz recommends to work on these tuners. Thanks to Wemcl and Jvogt for their comments. Anyone else with info or comments on getting the best RF performance from these tuners?
You can also contact Tom Cadawas via email at tcadawas@aol.com
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