Replacement Sonus Faber grille strings?

Hi guys, the grille and stand strings on my Sonus Faber Guaneri Evolution speakers are beginning to sag.  While I know its a straight forward task to retension the grille strings, I am just thinking that at some point I will need to replace the strings. The stand strings look a bit more difficult as it will require me to dismantle the stand.  

Of course I have no intention of paying the ridiculous prices SF wants to charge me.  So does anyone know of a source for the string?

 I have heard of people tightening the strings. As I understand it is not difficult but is time consuming.

 I have Sonus Faber Elipsa SE Red speakers and I don't use the string grills. Watch the strings on the grill as you play music, the strings noticeably vibrate. To my ears this can negatively affect the imaging. 
The ’silk strings’ of the SF speakers are IMHO....a design flaw...pure and simple.
They look nice, but they are truly a problem waiting to tboooe is now experiencing. Replacing or re-stringing the strings on the stands, or the grille, is a major head-ache and is no easy task. ( Unless one wants to pay to replace the strings or stands/grilles from SF....or their distributor; who sees $$$ signs immediately you inquire about this). IOW...a MAJOR PITA!

Otherwise, the GH’s, The GE’s and others in the line are nice/great speakers,LOL.
I have heard that fabric stores carry silk strings close to the ones used by Sf.
Definitely a PITA!  Good thing I love these speakers so darn much!

@daveyf , off topic but I just picked up another sub to go with my Evolutions.  I am in the process of dialing it in now.  I just bought a calibrated mic and will be using Room EQ Wizard to help me.  Hopefully I will be able to integrate a second sub into my system.
tboooe, I will be interested in your thoughts about the 2nd sub. I have been told that in a small ours, that two subs can actually be detrimental. This, due to the probability of overloading the room. I have not experimented with two subs, even though I do own two REL t5's. Do report back on your findings.
@daveyf, the one thing I have going for me is my room may not be an acoustically small room.  Behind my seating position is only a 3' tall wall, above that is open to my family room and kitchen.  

I will say, so far so good.  The second sub adds more punch.  Note that I do not listen at high volume (~70db).  Whats interesting to me is that I never thought the music I listen to had much bass at all.  But if i place my hand near the subwoofer cone, I can feel it moving quit a bit even during parts of songs that I didnt realize even had bass below 40hz which is about where I crossed the subs over.  Anyway, I will keep you posted.
How much does SF want to charge you? Just curious.
Yo TBoooe...

How do you like your evos?  I've been eyeing one for some time now.
Yo TBoooe...

How do you like your evos?  I've been eyeing one for some time now.
joey_v!!  great to hear from you.  Hope all is well.

I absolutely love the Evos! In my smallish room they give me everything I want in a speaker.  I just added 2 Rel T 5i subs and now my system sounds great!  Of course, as with all things audio its all subjective.  But if you like the Sonus Faber sound then you wont be disappointed by the Evos!

i have the SF olympica 3 so I like the SF sound bud