Replacement capacitors for CJ PV-7

Hello all,
The time has come to re cap my CJ PV-7 preamp. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I can find the right capacitors to do this?
Recommendations on brands would be helpful too. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

Filter your results on the tabs to the left for rated voltage, or higher and then the desired value and you will get plenty of results.

Theres a lot of Fancy boutique brands out there too Jupiter is one of my personal favorites. Theres Duelund as an example of absolute top of the line - however they are quite large and may not fit inside your preamp, very expensive too, but you get what you pay for.

Best of Luck

If you really want to read one persons opinion of Capacitor Sound differences

Good Listening

Mundorf seems to have all the caps I need. Supreme or m-cap has all the values I need. Price is reasonable too. Are these any good?
Mundorf makes great caps. I personally like the Auricaps, but have used Mundorf many times.

BTW, break-in for "boutique" caps can sometimes take several hundred hours, so be patient.

I have used the link that Peter provided many times. I find it very useful and all of the caps I've tried, have been pretty much right on cue with what the author states.
Mundorf would be much better than CJ caps.