Where are they now...?

Haven't seen a thread like this. I'm sure most of us have seen at least a portion of a VH1 "Where are they now?" episode. How about we do one for audio designers/engineers that put a noteworthy product on the audio map and their subsequent journey?

Example: Designer/Product/Where are they now (maybe adding stops and designs along the way)

OK. Let's kick it off...

Arnie Nudell (Servo Statik/Infinity IRS) --> Harmon --> Genesis Advanced Technologies

Personally, I'd really love to know if someone can fill in the blanks for Vimak digital products and Lazarus hybrid amps.

I can contribute one name: Richard Sequerra, co-designer of the Day-Sequerra tuner and many other audio products. For a number of years, Richard has owned his own company, Sequerra Audio Design, where he makes both commercial and professional products. In the early 1980's, I owned a pair of his Pyramid MET-7 speakers, which were (and are) a very fine small monitor. For more info about Sequerra's products, go to the following link:
Where's Andy Rappaport? And, for that matter, Harold Beveridge? Or am I just going too far back into the mists? John Bau? Bruce Thigpen? Too obscure? Jack Seneca? For that matter, where are Walt, Lenice and Early from AudioMart? I really miss them.
Harold Beveridge passed on but his son has restarted the company I have read.

Bruce Thigpen, one of the nice guys in the business, is still around. John Bau got out of the business many years ago. Walt Bender stopped publishing Audiomart several years ago, although I imagine he still has quite a bit of gear around his house. Not sure what happened with Lazarus, although a friend had been in touch with someone years ago.

One guy not mentioned is John Bicht of Versa Dynamics. He's still around, although his company isn't. Another is Mitch Cotter. A year or two ago he popped up briefly but I haven't seen anything further. Of course the ultimate 'where is he now?' guy has to be John Iverson.

Don`t forget Bob Carver!
From Caver to Sunfire, to who knows next.
John Iverson..The man with the iron handshake. According to him abducted by aliens. Actually that was his story . John has been listed as missing for many years now..something to do with the witness protection program. Truley a character to say the least. Oh the audio stories I could tell.

Arnie Nudell founded Eosone in the mid to late 90's.
I have one of their subs.
Not sure if Eosone is still around though.
Joe D'Appolito, developer of the M-T-M driver configuration that bears his name, is now chief engineer at Snell.
Thanks so much for clearing up the foginess for me.
Vimak ? What do you need to know?
You guys are really gonna laugh at this. Andy Rappaport contacted me this week, having seen this thread. He has been out of the business since 1979 and is doing quite well. He is looking to purchase one of his preamps. If you know of anyone selling one, please have them contact me.
Yeah, that's a hoot, Viridian! His amp sounded great and ran hot enough to fry eggs on - makes you wonder if any of them still work. I remember the preamp, too.
Where's John Dunlavy?