When separating the TT from the rest of the system

I need to separate my turntable from the rest of my system by about eight feet. Would it be best to separate just the turntable and run long interconnects from the TT to the phonostage, or, should I move the phonostage with the TT and have the long interconnect between the phonostage and the amp. I'm guessing that one way must be clearly better than the other. Thanks in advance for the help.
Leads to the preamp should be short, as in use the ones that came with the tonearm. A longer cable (within reason, assuming it is unbalanced) can link the pre to the power amp. The weak signal coming out of the cartridge does not suffer the higher capacitance and resistance of longer cables too well.
Move the phono stage with the turntable. That's bound to be better than driving long interconnects with a phono cartridge. Of course, not all phono stages like driving long interconnects either... Since you didn't list any of your equipment, it's hard to offer any better advice.
I'd move the phonostage with the TT.
From experience, me too! :-)
I also agree with everybody else phonostage should be by TT. I might also add a phono cable is built different than a IC the sheilding of a phono cable is much more likely to pick up RF (not that it will its just more likely). Others have stated the gain issues of the ?mv cartridge . David