Separating BiWire Cables

I have a pair of Jena Labs shotgun biwire spkr cables, with 2 terminations on amp end, 4 on spkr end for each cable.

I now have new speakers which do not accept biwire. Can I use just 2 of 4 terminations on each speaker end and still get full range sound, or would I only be getting treble/midrange or bass?

Thank you.

You'll get full range sound. Insulate the unused pair to avoid a short.
According to Richard Vandersteen, Bi-Wiring is most effective when you use separate cables for the upper and lower connections.
Are these terminated in spades?
If they are, can you not connect two spade connectors to each binding post?

If not it shouldn't bee too difficult or costly to re-terminate one positive and one negative connector per cable.

You can certainly do what you propose, but if at all possible it would be much more preferable to have the entire cable connected to the speaker end.
This is Audiogon, why not sell them and buy cables that are more appropriate for your new speakers?
yeah, i would try what rcrerar said - just try to clamp down two spade connections on each post. some contact cleaner might help, too.

i've done that before on martin logans and preferred it (with jumpers connecting the bass) to biwire. and if you still like the sound of the jenas (and odds are you will) with your new speakers, you could look at getting them reterminated if you want.
Thanks for responses. Unfortunately, the speaker-end terminations are banana, or I would have put both spades on the terminal.

I am going to try it with one cable to hear how it sounds. May end up having to sell them, which would be sad because I really like the Jenas.

aw, that is too bad. i know nothing about how well they will or won't work with one end simply insulated and unconnected.

i would still see if jena could either reterminate them or give you the name of someone they recommend. depending on how old they are, a retermination might not be a bad thing anyway.
Don't, sell them and buy new cables of low gauge size at Home Depot and do your own terminations. Don't buy into hi-end cable nonsense. Hey, $25 of new cable will convert you, forever.
It hasn't converted me. I tried, I hoped, but nope.

If the binding posts have large holes you may be able to fit the banana plugs into them. Be careful. If not you could possibly remove one set of bananas and insert the bare wire into the binding post. The downside of this of course is if in the future you decide to sell the cables it may reduce their value somewhat. I would look into having them re- terminated.
Electrical tape is cheap!