Separating cables, is there a mat to help along the way?

I'm trying to tackle separating my power cables from speaker and interconnects and ethernet/hdmi video and other cables  from each other. I will do the best I can behind my TV/console area but also wanted to use some kind of shielding if it is available for places I can't keep them far enough away. It's a bit tight back there but I do have verticle space which I may want to build a quasi shelf to hang cables on/from..  I figured if I could get them far enough away from each other and use something to wrap the rest of the cables so they would be separated that way.

Maybe even tape or something that would help, but I would hate to "ruin" my expensive cables with tape, but not out of the question if it would work, as I plan to keep my current cables permanently. 

I'm also planning on replacing all wall warts with some kind of lps to reduce unwanted noise even more. I'll plan on running those new cables away from the current ones I have now. Just planning for future upgrades now, with possibly Sbooster or  Uptone Js2 or something.  I've had a mess of cables behind my equipment for a while and have decided to clean it up.

Any ideas about the shielded mat or tape or covers?

Thanks for reading.
I use a lot of Velcro® double-sided 'Reusable Ties' 8 inches long & 1/2 inch wide.VEK91140 or VEK90924 package of 100 or 50
Put them on the cables and fashion other Velcro® clips or attachments.
I'm going to have to use something like that or bands and wood configured somehow to hold things up vertically, as I don't have the floor space. My issue is wanting to place a shield between the cables when/if I can't get enough separation between them.  

My equipment is on the same plane, so I can't go up and then back down too high with the stiff cables. I'll rework things, but a shield would help a lot if it were available.
3 inches from the AC power cords should be enough. Twisting any unshielded cords and cables is always a good plan. But the interconnects that need shielding already have shielding.
Don't wrap, and don't put anything between them. Too long a story, too many misconceptions to unravel for me to try and explain. Just do this:

First figure out kind of a general way of dressing the wires that achieves a good balance between spacing, keeping signal away from power, and everything being off the floor. Also no kinks or coils. Finally, where wires do come close try and have them cross at sharp angles. Avoid having them run parallel.  

Next, use Cable Elevators or ceramic insulators (same thing) to raise everything up off the floor. You can use other materials like plastic or wood, ceramic is just a little better.  

If some wires are close that's okay. Electric fields attenuate with distance following the inverse square law. In effect this means doubling the distance from 1" to 2" is 1/4 the field strength. So even that small distance made a big difference. But by the time you get to a foot the field is so infinitesimally small its simply not worth the effort. So just avoid them touching and then don't stress.  

Study mine for example, notice some are fairly close but almost none are touching.   

Finally, suspending everything will be better. The opposite of wrapping, you want all wires to be able to move freely. Rubber bands are free and handy. Its hard to see but the yellow bands on the cable elevator is stretched so that it suspends the cable above the ceramic insulator. If you touch the cable it will bounce slightly. That is what you want. This sounds loopy but is actually the biggest improvement of all.
If you're not having noise problems don't worry about it.
I am having noise problems, but also it was a huge mess back there. I've since cleaned it up a lot, so I'm still going. I go through spurts of upgrading, then I stop for a while. So I'm striking while I'm in the mood I guess. I'm sort of working backwards with upgrading.

I just bought a couple of Niagara 1200 power conditioners (one still backordered) and ran a dedicated 10-2 line for everything. Installed a Furutech receptacle. Finishing the full loom of Cerious Matrix cables, that I started last year. 

Looking at the lps to replace all the  wall warts and some kind of preamp or integrated to finish off everything.

Right now its cleaning up the bird's nest of cables, but it doesn't look promising because I have to work vertically as my components are low to the ground and bunched up together. I'm sure whatever I do will be an improvement. 

Thanks for all the replies.
If you want to replace SMPS, Teddy Pardo is your friend. Most values ready made. FAST delivery from Israel. Best bang for buck. Although for 5V 3A the Allo Shanti is a steal.
Looking at Sbooster and Uptone mostly, but still researching, and again, going backwards in terms of my approach. I just bought an EtherREGEN and going from there. Just going into a Bluesound node for now. 

Will look into Pardo, Thanks.
Might want to try rubber pipe insulation to separate them where they touch , you can cut in it the length you need, I use it at certain points behind my rack where the ICs and power cords are right next to each other . I put a piece around a portion of the PC where I need it . Comes in different sizes but the link below shows the insulation. You can get it at most hardware stores. Aside from that I use wood  cable elevators to keep cables off the floor
If you buy shielded cables then you won't have to worry about anything else LOL
but make sure you elevate them off the ground for the speaker and park cables cuz the vibration from the floor affects the sound.
That's power cables this computer sucks it can't spell LOL
I use W and M blocks and attach a flat base with silicone. It’s all wood, just painted black. I use vinyl but only about 10% of the time. Vinyl needs pretty good vibration control.

I don’t let anything touch, there are a few cables too. I call it cable art, takes a while to get just right. I have to coil cables in two spots. It looks like a snake coiled to strike, but they don’t touch. The center of the coil is where the terminal ends go into two bass bins..2 coils on the #10 PC.  It pays great dividends. I cross at 90 and at least 1/2" between everything...ZERO floor noise.

Here is my test. Pick a source, have nothing playing. Now turn it all the way up. Do you hear anything? That is the measure of a quiet system. Black back ground. No noise. You’ve routed correctly. Learned it as a kid, working at a movie theater. Use to be so cold in that place except where the sound equipment was. My friday night "stay out of trouble" job..

I’ll leave or help fix a noisy system, but I won’t just turn up the volume and listen, drives me nuts... Bundle and drop.. LOL OK!! I’ll see ya later...

In an ideal, purist world cables should hang freely, away from power etc. 
In the real world quite often you have a mix of power, Ethernet, audio, video etc that is impossible to manage following the above. 
I keep power cables bunched together in Techflex sleeves. I do the same with Ethernet. I try to let signal cables hang freely because I find they sound best that away. I suspend speaker cables. 
The most effective tweak for me is to keep power cables and Ethernet away from the rest. Which is why I have given up on thick, heavy mains cables.  I am not much of a believer in cable elevators etc if you have decent cables, as others have said. 
I am also not a fan of screened cables. In my experience the screen is detrimental to sound quality. 
From my experience the "MOST BANG FOR THE BUCK", in cables, will come from using SHORT (2 1/2 Foot or less) Cables from ones Amplifier to their Speakers,

This of necessity requires the use of Mono Block Amplifiers, which further improve the Sound!  
I use these hose separators clips ( ). You can find them at semi truck and trailer repair shops. (Mac, International, Volvo, Kenworth... etc.)
They come in different sizes... and work great!