When a speaker offers upgrades (e.g. Tekton)


I'm looking to purchase some Tekton PenDragons.

Well just when I thought I'd ended my search I see they offer a number of upgrades:

  • ClarityCap PX upgrade ($50-$65)
  • Mundorf Silver-Oil Capacitor ($365-$440)
  • Cardas silver rhodium binding posts – $75 pair
  • Silver coated copper teflon internal wiring – $100 pair

Look, I've no idea what these things are. I'm sure they're supposed to make the speaker "sound better", but would I hear a difference? Has anyone experience with these (kinds of things)? Do you hear a difference?

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If you speak to the designer he will only advise you on what to get based on how you listen. He does not try to oversell you.
The alluring quest for perfection is always dangling in front of us audiophiles.  I would speak to the manufacturer and let him describe the differences...see if your dealer has a "new" one that you can hear and decide if the upgrade is worth it.  Sometimes the difference is small and room resonances, equipment, etc, would swamp the upgraded sound.

we can never go wrong w/ upgraded parts in both gear and speakers.
I recently scored a sweet pair of Thiel CS 2.4 SE loudspeakers.
In the SE version, there are several parts as above in the OP post.
Overall, an excellent speaker is now outstanding! Happy Listening
I finally decided on the Zu Audio Omen "Dirty weekends". I ordered the ClairityCaps upgrade for a $100 more. I did, as stringreen says, as a "quest for perfectionism". I doubt I'd hear a difference in a blind trial but it makes me feel better.

These Omen's replace a pair of Paradigm 7se's I have had for ~25 years. Really liked them. Hoping I'll hear a difference.

Awesome choice! I can't wait to hear how you like them. 

BTW- Audiogoners, I just noticed a ZU Audio Omen Center on my local Los Angeles are a Craigslist... 


My experience with upgrades on Amp and speakers have been very positive , feel always was rewarded by much higher performance by several folds compared to the cost of upgrades.
I would have even asked the OP to consider slightly higher range  of caps like Clarity ESA or MR instead of PX. More ever, you could have gone for upgrades on internal wiring : these things do make lot of difference. 
The price of the Omen DW was a little higher than just right (I'm in Canada and our dollar is really low right now vis a vis yours).

I decided to push myself a bit and spend the extra $100 bucks on the claritycaps and I have inquired about upgraded wiring.

I'm at $1,100 - the price of a new Omen Mk II is $1,800. It includes the upgraded caps and wiring, as well as upgraded cabinet, insulation and drivers. Of course the marketing department has written about the upgrades in such as way that I would really like these upgrades!

But unfortunately USD$1,800 is out of my range and also, while the Omen DW was highly rated as an amazing value, I haven't seen the same comments about a brand new Omen.
oh yeah with all that said I could also appeal to my desire to become a true audiophile and find the money from who-knows-where and buy the Zu Soul (no way on GGE that I could find more money then that).

Come on ... someone try and talk me into it!