Whats playing on your system today?

Today I decided to listen to two of my favorite rock guitar heros and one great vocalist. Guitarist' Robin Trower, Ronnie Montrose and vocalist Davey Pattison.

I listened to Trower songs:
Bridge of sighs, Stitch in time, The fool and me, my personal favorite- Too rolling stoned and others.....

Then I pulled out "Gamma". 
I listened to: Razor King, Wish I was and Skin and bone and others.....

Davey Pattison hooked has also up with Michael Shenker also. I really enjoyed my day so far. Anybody else heard anything good?




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Albany Down, Ain't Over Yet 


Lucifer's Friend, Mind Exploding - CD 

Smokin Joe Kubek, "My place or yours".
Joe Louis Walker, "Buz on you".
Boz Scaggs, "Hell to pay".
B.B. King, " I'm in the wrong business".


Tin Machine, Tin Machine featuring David Bowie. On CD.

Any Rory Gallagher fans out there? I just ran through "Top Priority " and "Calling Card. I love his raw unpolished sound. He was amazing. I found a YouTube cut with Jack Bruce and Rory Gallagher performing "politician" live. 



I used to own the B.L.T. albumn when I was in high school. Great albumn, great albumn cover. Thanks for the reminder.  

I don't belive Rory will dissapoint you. He's great.

I'll definitely check out your recommendation. FYI, I watched a friend's copy of "Rory Gallagher, Live at Rockplast 1976-1990". It's very good also. 

I'm always looking for new music to listen too. I'll look into Lucius.

Today I'm cueing up some Gary Moore and maybe a few cuts from the great Roy Buchanan. Whats on your playlist for 

On Tap for today. Ian Moore. I really like a lot of his music. He's great live as well. I saw him many years ago in Cincinnati. He has a lot of great music.

Check out "Ian Moore and all the colors" (2000). The song "Magdalena" is great. 
And my personal favorite song from "Ian Moore" (1993) "How does it feel"? 

Let me know what you think.

I agree, Rory can Lay it down. 

This afternoon I dug out some Pat Travers. " Puttig it straight" and " Crash and burn". I've seen him live four times. He was here in my hometown on January 29th.
He always puts on a good show. I saw him years ago when he was promoting the Crash and burn albumn. He had Pat Thrall with him! 

Yesterday we were discussing Jack Bruce. Simply a legend. How about Glenn Hughes? Now there is a guy with soul?


I'm glad you liked Glenn Hughes. He's been around for the block a few times.
He played with Deep Purple, Hughes /Thrall, Black Sabbath and check out Black Country Communion. It features Hughes, Jason Bonham (Zepplin), and Derek Sherinian. (He has even more than I've mentioned ).

That reminds me. He jammed with Tommy Bolin also! Check out Tommy Bolin "Teaser". Great albumn. "Marching powder", and my favorite "wild dogs".

treadman, I'll check out your recommendations. I'm always on the  lookout for new music.


ghosthouse, no apology necessary  :!)  I also need to revisit the James Gang.

I believe he really arrived on "Teaser". He also has Mr.Phil Collins on percussion and Jeff Porcaro on drums. (There is another thread all together).

slaw, on my "to do" list, check out The Russians Wild and Elephant Stone. 

I wonder what melody I 


Are you interested in the ultimate Rory Gallagher collector piece?
Check out the autographs!
Also check out the artical on Uli Jon Roth of the Scorpions. He has invented a new signature guitar with "30" frets instead of "24"! There will be a "Genreation Axe Tour " in April. Check out the lineup while your there.


Today I went in another direction. I listened to another great guitarist and vocalist. 
When they arrived on scene, they we're considered progressive rock. The band known as "Kansas". Kerry Livgren and Steve Walsh. (I know great violinist as well). (Jean-Luc Ponty anyone?, song Demagomania).

I listened to the self titled " Kansas". Songs " Can I tell you", "Bringing it back", and "Journey from Mariabronn. Fantastic debut in my opinion. Then "Song for America".
Solid albumn but my favorite song, "Lonely street". It's got guts!!

Then I listened to Kerry Livgren's solo album "Seeds of change". I like this albumn. 
It's packed with talent.  Steve Walsh, Phil Ehart and Robby Steinhardt of Kansas. Kerry actually sing on this albumn. Kerry's wife does some backing vocals as well. 
Barrie Barlow of "Jethro Tull" plays drums.
Ronnie James Dio is on two cuts, "mask of the great deceiver" and " To live for the King". And David Pack comes courtesy of Ambrosia on "Ground Zero". 


Thanks for mentioning Morse and the Dregs. Reminds me to give "Liduid Tension Experiment" 1&2 another listen. Jordan Rudess, John Petrucci, Mike Pettrucci and the great Tony Levin.


Thanks slaw! I'm enjoying all of the posts and feedback as well! 

(Spelling Corretion on my earlier post, the band is "Liquid Tension Experiment":)

Do we have any UFO fans out there? I just finished listening to "Lights out" and "Obsession ". Then I listened to some of "Strangers in the night". It's was recorded live in 1978 in Chicago, Illinois and Louisville, Kentucky. 

Now onto MSG. Self titled Michael Shenker Group. Looking forwar to hearing "Lost horizons". 

billbartuska- thats quite the list. Never heard of Cecile McLorin Salvant, North Mississippi Allstars. 

slaw-  I like Knoffler alot, but I need to check out the remainder of your list.

Today I slapped on a fresh coat of paint by dialing up the "Winerey Dogs". 
radfrad- I'm with you on Rush. Especially their early recordings. I've seen them live four times. "Triumph" was another good three piece Canadian Rock band. Rick plays mean lead guitar. I have not heard much the Bluestravelers. I'll look around and see what I can find.

jji666- I agree with you completely. 

Rolling Stones-"Sticky Fingers", For "Bitch" and "Can't you bear me knocking" we give thanks....
The other day I mentioned gentleman named Ian Moore. For your leisure should you decide. 



I understand Deep Purple, (including Glenn Hughes) will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame, 2016. 


ghosthouse - I'm glad your enjoying Glenn Hughes. 

jfant- I'm not familiar with Ray LaMontagne. I'll look him up.

slaw- have you checked Rory Gallagher? Attachment below. Rory with Jack Bruce.


Vanden Plas- Beyond daylight, "Nightwalker".

I listened to "Hard Road" by Peter Green, (headphones on YouTube. Obviously not the best way to listen, but I only have my phone and headphones on me). It's a great cut. I need to invest in a better copy.


Ahhh- Peter Green. Didn't he do "Green Manalishi" before Judas Preist?

ghosthouse -

I don't own any UK, but I have heard it on LP when I was younger. 

Regarding Mountain, great call. It's been a while since I've heard that.
"Mississippi Queen" is on FM so much that the rest of the albumn often gets overlooked. 


slaw - watched the link. Quite the story teller. I'm be listening to more of Dave Alvin for sure, thanks.

Today I pulled out a few cuts from Wishbone Ash. One of the first rock bands to introduce twin harmony lead guitars. "Just testing" featured John Wetton. Bassist who has played with Asia, King Krimson and Uriah Heep. 

Any Uriah Heep fans out there?


I ordered Leslie West "Soundcheck". After reading all of your feedback, listening to several cuts and reading the guest appearances, I had to have it. Thanks for the recommendation!

Today I listened to Monty Montgomery "Mirror". Check out track 10, When will I ". It's  a live recording and a very good one.

This morning I began, with a newer selection. Royal Blood "Figure it out", Little monster" and "Out of the black".

Then an slightly older one. Temple of the dog- entire albumn. 


I hope I don't disapoint anyone following this thread. All of my media is CD/SACD/HDCD/DVD and downloads. I had albums when I was younger. Most of the collection was in poor shape. Someone made me an offer and I sold the lot.
It was around 400 albumns. Thankfully a lot of the classics that have been mentioned here I have heard on LP.


Eton John- "Captain Fantastic". Listened to the entire albumn. I had the pleasure of seeing Sir Elton in Louisville, Ky when he and Billy Joel had their joint tour. Fantastic show. I love Elton John, however my wife and I thought Billy Joel had a better show that evening. 

Then I squeezed in one cut from the 1981 release of "Iron age" by Mothers Finest- "Gone with the rain".

Incubus- "Morning View"- entire albumn.



I'm not familiar with the two artists you mentioned. So I did a quick Wikipedia check on them.
I see that Jean-Luc Ponte was in Return to Forever. That interested me. I had Civilized evil by Jean-Luc Ponte on LP when I was younger. I liked the first cut a lot, "Demagomania". 

May Blitz being listed as a hard rock, progessive rock trio from the 1970's,, Im interested in hearing them as well.


According to Wikipedia, Jean-Luc was "The mothership returns, 2012".

Frank Marino - "Juggernaut". And a song from April Wine's "The whole world's goin' crazy" "So bad" featuring Frank Marino. 


You are correct!  IronButterfly.com does have sbow dates.

Jethro Tull, "Night in the wilderness" from Catfish rising. 

The Brian May band, Live at Brixton Academy. 


 I like Gary) Clark Jr. a lot. (Don't have any vinyl). The newest ,"The story of Sonny Boy Slim" is good also.


I saw your post above that included AC/DC. Love the early stuff.  I just listened to some of Highway to hell. "Night prowler" is a killer.

Andy Timmons- "These are the days". 

Jethro Tull- The Broadsword and the Beast.

"Top Priority" and "Calling Cards" are amazing by Rory also.

Rory Gallagher- "Keychain", "Fly off the handle". (YouTube link for Rory below)


Blur-"Song 2". (Just wanted something nonsensical and loud!)

Gary Moore- "Parisienne walkways".


Thanks for mentioning Foreigner and Dokken!!

Lou Gramm, great rock vocalist. 

George Lynch is an amazing guitarist.  Love the "Lynch Mob". 


This morning I revisited Ronnie Montrose- self titled Montrose. Sammy and Ronnie are fantastic on "Rock candy" and "Bad motor scooter". 

Next- Montrose, Open fire, "Town without pity".

Peter Gabrial- So.

Elton John- Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Lit- (1 song), "My own worst enemy".

Pretenders- Pretenders. 


The baby's? I have got to locate my copy of Union Jacks! You have inspired me.

"Gypsy woman" is an old Muddy Waters tune.