What would you do? B&K AVP-4090/1000?

I have come across a dilema: I bought a B&K AVP-4090 with all the bells and whistles from someone, manual, and remote. When I look at the back, it states AVP-1000, meaning this was one that "was upgraded from the 1000 to the 4090". 1) Should I have been informed? 2) What if the person I bought from didn't know? 3) Should I expect a partial refund? 4) After all, I still ended up with what I wanted, the AVP-4090, so does it matter? Your thoughts are apprecited! Dan
Without a doubt, you most defenitely should of been informed from the seller that the B&K was upgraded. Thats what the feedback section is for.
Mike, I bought a B&K AVP 3090 which had been up-graded from a AVP 2000. I was told before the transaction, which I believe you should have been (Question 1). It didn't change my decision and it is an great piece(furthermore because what I paid). Question 2...They knew what it was. Question 3...Would that have changed what you would pay? If so sure. If not, then no. Question 4...Does it matter? Not sure. I wouldn't sell a piece without disclosing that information. To me that is dishonest. Once again, if it wouldn't have changed your purchase decision then enjoy it. I would put feedback reguarding the transaction because I would not want to do business with some one that doesn't disclose all facts. By the way, my 3090 sounds awesome!! Good luck....LR