What would be your list of the World's Top Ten DAC's and Why?

I first want to say I have not had experience with tons of DACS. But I’ve heard a few that I enjoyed. But whenever subjects like this are broached they seem to bring out the braggadocious and naysayers in droves. I’m simply asking for "opinions."

Some of the ones I’m thinking that are in the conversation are brands like: The Nagra HD DAC X, The MSB Select II, CH Precision C1, and The Chord DAVE/Blu MkII or Chord HugoTT2/MScaler combo, dCS Vivaldi stack, or Alpha DAC Reference Series 2 MQA?

Secondly, what do you think makes the difference between any of these DACS when compared to one another? And if you were purchasing any one of the Top Ten why would you choose one over the other?

Here is a very current post from Rafe Arnott // Audiostream. Not 10 but 5. : )


Search YT for OCD Hifi Guy. He just compared 13 dacs from $850 > $23K
I’ve heard a few top DACs including a Chord Dave. I bought a Bricasti M1 which to me doesn’t simply sound great for digital, it just sounds great period 
There seems to be more topics about dacs and their influence on performance playback which highlights this component as key figure in the chain .

Actually the component that has the largest influence on playback performance is the source component.
Smodtacticals recent topic here on Audiogon titled MSB Select II VS all other dacs brings prominent attention to the source component.