What would be upgrade from my setup for PC sound

I'm currently using M-Audio Transit.

The set up is:

PC USB out ---> M-Audio Transit USB in ---> M-Audio Transit Optical Out ---> Meridian 561 processor Optical In.

It works nicely and the sound quality is pretty good for both Music and DD/DTS Movie.

What will be the upgrade options?

I prefer this USB to Digital way.
You can try get your Transit modded by Red Wine Audio.


wow... I didn't expect actual 'upgrade/mod' of the Transit.
Very interesting.

Any other products considered upgrade from Transit as far as sound quality?

Steve at www.empiricalaudio.com also does an upgrade of the transit, he has several different versions which I heard at RMAF, and was very impressed. I am planning to demo his off-amp and modified P3A Dac in my system.