What would be a better buy?

I have the opportunity to purchase either the unison research unico or the denon pma2000. the unico is $300 more expensive, but would it justify a much better sound? They are both 80 watts/channel, but I am almost sure that the denon is more powerful. I will be running them with aci 2000 speakers, which is sweet sounding and just a tad bit laid back. Please help. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Not sure of Dennon, but Unico I've heard with efficient Triangle speakers and I think it's not even close to 80Wpc.
Yeah, I've heard that Unison Research don't rate their wattages conservatively. I really don't know about the Denon, but I've never heard people saying anything bad about it given its price. I just might go with the Denon
I just ran my Proac 3.8's with a UNICO. I beg to differ on the responses posted here. It is an EXCELLENT value period. It made my Classe 15 sound poor. It held it's own against an Ayre V5x and it made me want to quickly hook up the ARC D250 to make sure I wasn't doing the wrong thing by buying the ARC.
YES it is NOT as good as the aformentioned amps but it DOES offer 80-90 percent of the sound.
I should mention that I also have installed RCA cleartops from Andy at Vintage Tube Services and it is imparative to move the jumpers and take the output protection circuit out of the way!!!
I was going to sell this to help pay for the D250 tube giant but I am really thinking of keeping it for a rainy day. It is THAT good.
...as well as Classe that is simply unable to bring up the might...
way too soft just like UNICO.

Do some research on Rotel separates and you get even more than you expect for the bucks you're about to spend...
True about the Rotel, there is certainly good value there but again the UNICO is excellent.
To put it better I am a member of a local audiophile club and I had about 30 people over who heard the UNICO driving Proac's and there was a lot of positive feedback.
You must go hear it for yourself I guess, but I'm sure the dealer will be running stock tubes and not played with the jumpers internally.
My experience with the Denon has been that it seems a bit laid back-"dark" sounding.I am afraid I would definately put it down to the workhorse category of amplifiers, even as this seems to contradict my description of an aspect of its character. It seems very powerful, and yet it does not seem to come across with the sort of ease or composure I imagine very powerful amplifiers are bound to convey. Overall, I have grown fond of it, even sentimental about it.It has exceeded my initial expectations for an amplifier, and held its own against my growing expectations.In fact, since I introduced Cdm1 nt into my system I have given the Denon far less consideration, and that has been well over a year now. It has become a good purchase over time. Now, would it be the better buy for you? It could be the best buy given that you never listen to anything else and buy it on reccommendation. Then, should you actually take your speakers to both these amplifiers you may find it unbelievably unqualified for your system. In my own experience pedigree matters, but ultimate value has been hinged on the enjoyment of my system. The Denon still fits into this equation.