what style is this ?

I am looking for music that I have heard on various tv
programs. It is usually in movies or shows that take place
in the speak-easys' during the prohibition period. They usually are female singers backed by a piano or small band.
The singers are the low sultry voice types in slow to medium
paced songs. The most recent example that I can think of is
an episode of 'Sliders' where they were in a world that had
outlawed caffine. Remi was playing the piano for a black
female singer that sold caffiene in a speak-easy and also sang. This kind of music is what I am trying to find on CD. Can anyone help with suggestions, please ?
Malcolm McLaren "Paris" comes right-away as probably the most brilliant music "trip" there.
For future reference, you may cancel (as I did) to categorize music by styles -- it's just the music one loves or doesn't.
Hummm, from your desciption, it sounds like "Lounge" music. I don't have any suggestions, but, I too would be interested in hearing more of it.

BTW, for a great "lounge music" movie scene, check out Jennifer Connelly in "Dark City". Ummmmmm, very nice! The movie will not be to everyone's taste as it is a very dark Sci-fi thriller, but I love it!



I gotta disagree with you this time. Categorizing music is vital, especially in the internet age as search functions usually require a category. I agree that it is nice to "just enjoy the music" regardless of category, but it is nearly impossible to seek out music that is new to you, unless you can place it in a category and then search/ask for suggestions in that category.

If you fail to categorize, it's like asking "please suggest a good album by Tom Jones" and getting an answer like "AC/DC's Highway to Hell". Humm, I don't think that really meets the criteria I set forth.

BTW, I haven't heard any Malcolm McLaren in years. I nearly wore out my one MM LP, which I think was called "Swamp Creature". Of course, that was the 80's! I wonder if I would still enjoy it today? Man, I gotta get a turntable setup to play my old records......

As Always, Enjoy,

The album I've mentioned came out in 1995 on CD.
It's a double-CD certainly OOP already with one original version and another re-mixed version of the same album.
If you'll have a chance to catch this one, shoot me an e-mail and tell me what style of music is that.
I can also tell you more albums where it's realy hard to categorize since they're so unique.
Almost sounds like Cabaret in some respects bordering on Cotton Club. Try some Billie Holiday, Marlene Dietrich, Ivie Anderson from the era. Current artists; Patricia Barber, some Diana Krall, Holly Cole.
Don't forget Eartha Kitt.
These people are commonly referred to as "torch singers" in my native New York.
swing/jazz.....rosemary clooney,holly cole trio,etc
Here are a few to check out ----

Nancy Wilson with Cannonball Adderley

Sarah Vaughan with Clifford Brown

Dinah Washington

Nina Simone

Carmen sings Monk

Big Maybelle Smith

Billie Holliday

You can go to several different music sites that will let you listen to 30 second pieces of several songs on their albums -- go and listen to some of this stuff and see if this is what you're seeking.
i call them torch singers, too.
Yes, Torche Singers seems to be the one. Upon first glance
at Amazon, there only seems to compilations. Does anyone
know of entire CD's of this style by a single artist. ie.
Sarah Vaughn, Ella Fitzgerald, Leadbelly, John Mayr etc.? These
are the only ones that I have heard and liked so far.
Are you looking for classic torch songs where a woman is pining away for her man? Or, are you looking for blues sung by jazz singers? I don't know of a
an entire CD of torch songs by a single artist. There is a 3 CD series called
"The First Torch Singers' that looks pretty interesting.
Try this one:

Music for Torching: The Billie Holiday Story, Vol. 5
Another singer you might want to check out is Helen Humes.