What speaker would be good for Krell rack?

Have a Krell KSA 300S which could probably run anything as it goes stable to 1 ohm@ 2,400 watts.Matched with KRC2/KPE.But I am running tubes and horns now.Thinking of going into D amp (that Wyred integrated looks like it deliver great value maybe match it with smaller but current needy speak in more compact cooller package if I might give up a tad of sound quality.Again not using the Krell amp now so should sell).Trying to think of speaker for amp to do set up for friend with used speaker at $3K to $5K which would use krell current,bass grip and help with the metallic mids.Sonus Faber Extrema monitors?15 ft to 20 ft room.I am into speakers that deliver high cost to quality ratio so maybe big Usher Dancers?Totem Winds?Looking for leads.Might use it myself might flip it for more compact system.No Apogee's as they are out of production though Diva's would be great match and while Maggie love to eat current they are bad match with Krell.I know this kind of stupid post like "What's a good stereo" but who knows what you guys might come up with.
Depends on the sound you are trying to achieve. I would put the Thiel speakers high on that list. They love power, love curent and love more power. Some say they are bright, but with my Krell FPB 300 I think they sound great - they are more detailed than neutral, but the Krell (mine) really delivered great results. FWIW, I was just playing around with a pair of 2.2s that I got on ebay for really cheap and local pick up.

You could look at the 3.6 or 7.X. The 6s are nice, but they are really, super power hungry. A 15X20 foot room would be served well by the 3.6's.

I run W/P's, so that helps to give you a better idea of the sound I like.
Thiel or Vandersteen. I have 6s and they are NOT bright.

I don't know where this long purported notion comes from, but, like most crap without substance, is often sticky.
i have to third the thiel recomendation. i have had a couple of thiel/krell matches, although not at the present, and loved them. to me, they present an extremely accurate, fast, airy sound with a very large 3d stage. you have a few choices in your range. enjoy your quest!
Hey Ckoffend,

I have 2.2s. What do you think of yours? How would you describe them as compared with other Thiels? (It sounds from your post that you do have others, and just tried the 2.2s for kicks).
Another fan of the Krell/Thiel combo. Special when used together.
Krell is exceptional with Totem Mani's or Model One if you are interested in a monitor that can give honest bass. No subs need apply here. They really sound beautiful. You also won't go wrong with Theil's, as mentioned. You should demo both and see what you think.
I know I like a bright sound but I sold Krell from '96 to 2001 and installed the Class A or A/B stuff a few times with Thiel and it's enough to cut glass.Even with softening cable like Cardas mids with Krell are always a tad metallic and etched but never more on Thiel.They make the Thiels bass boogie (Krell's big strength)but it's the high frequency in that combo that makes it a no go for me.Vandersteens 6's maybe.Totem or Usher would be choice for me but thought I might get more suggestions.Can't believe a pair of $8K Usher 8751's went for only $2050 on Ebay and they were only about 100 miles away in my state!Now how I could have fit them in room is another story but would have moved!!!!!!!!!
Perfect metaphor Chazz: Krell+Theils can etch glass. I think your description of the highs and strong bass match my experience exactly.
How you guys can mention Usher in the same breath with Vandersteen, Theil or Totem is beyond me. I'm sure it's something with me but I can't listen to them for more than 15 minutes without heading for the hills. Tubes or SS, vinyl or digital doesn't matter, I would rather listen to my iPod.
RNM4 - in reply. I really like the 7s. I don't really have the space for them though. Way out in the room and in the best listening seat, they just simply disappear. More so than with virtually any other very large speaker.

I also think the Totem Mani's are great speakers (not the model 1's nearly as much and way over the Forrest). But I haven't listened to the Mani's with Krell (in my system), so I could not comment, but it seems like a good idea. They can get down there (for their size) with their 2 woofer configuration. They throw a great image too.

I went the D amp route and listened to a couple and bought a pair, but after living with them for a bit of time, just felt that they missed too much of what I needed to be fully satisfied. While I became too closed minded to the technology, I would mind see what the new versions are offering to see if they have overcome what I found to be the long term deficiencies of the technology.

Krell/Thiel are not bright if you system is up to it, more detailed than some people may like - certainly. Don't kill your Thiels by running Cardas Golden (tried that and ran toward the hills when a dealer recommended it with a CDP).
Got my friend a CS7 match with his Mac rig.Sounded OK but they are massive and a bitch to haul around with thick concrete baffles.The 7 is not as good as 7.2 which has drivers ion house.Again haven't heard the newer Thiel's but the one I thought was best buy a decade ago was CS6.