What Source?

I am in the process of building a system. Pre-amp is Rotel RC1070 and amp is Rotel RB1070. For speakers, I am leaning towards either Sonus Faber Concerto Domus or Acoustic Zen Adagio.
I am slightly torn between either getting a Sony Blu Ray Player or another digital transport such as a Squeezebox or Wadia type device.
Other considerations:
1. Don't yet have a tv, but having a player that serves as a very good player would eventually serve a dual purpose.
2. Switching/searching for CDs is a pain.
3. Digitizing all of the music and putting it on the home network for ease of access would be really nice...but is the quality comparable from what I would get from the Sony BDP without adding an external DAC?
4. Wadia or Squeezebox?

I guess I am thinking out loud here....wondering what the best way to proceed is given my system and needing a source.

Thoughts, comments?
Thanks for the advice
i have found that for me , i still enjoy listening to redbook cds. in saying that, i bought a squeezebox from slim devices and i really enjoy browsing the internet radio, lots of music and programming for just listening background or finding new music, but there is nothing more rewarding for me as putting on the cd and listening to it on a good player. i was without a cd player ,using my squeezebox in my system and loved being able to bring up my hard drive and listen at great convience, i know there are dacs out there and some formats that i understand will match cd quality, but they are some sources that don't offer the music or something new that i want to listen too. after a long period , i bought a player and boy was it fun again. i like both format, so in the last year i have found for me , the oppo dvd, very reasonable, rega oppolo player for redboodk and a squeezebox for internet radio , listneing to computer saved music. i really like the set up, oppo has great video, cds still sound good to me on the redbook player and for the music i will continue to buy and then the squeezebox...you can always add a dac for the computer, but the squeezebox has a decent dac into your system....like , you, rambling...but this works for me and reasonable, so that if i change my mind down the road, no problem money wise....audiogon give us a great advantage in this situation...thanks for listening..dwhittt
A squeezebox is something best left between your significant others legs. Get the new Sony SCD XA5400ES CD/SACD player ($1500msrp)...maybe $15k plus could do you better, but it's doubtful. I should know..I've owned some of them:O(
The Squeezebox streaming from a computer hard drive is scary good.

Don't hesitate.

For the used price of about $200, a Squeezebox is a no-brainer.
Youve got to go to HD for source. Incomparable.Lots of ways also depending on $$$$$.Cheap to expensive.Maybe start as Tvad mentions....try and locate a friend who is setup already to try out and see,good luck,Bob
Thanks for the responses, especially yours, Dave_b! I can't help but to be drawn to the ability to access online media with the Squeezebox. I think I'll start there, and then at some point add a decent player and possibly an external DAC...appreciate the thoughts.