What's your profession? Age?

Just thought after the "how much is your system worth" post that it would be nice to see what all these people do to get $80K systems, and perhaps how long it takes. I'm a 29-year old economist for the gov., just completeed my Ph.D. last month, and my system is at about $10K. Just a pup hoping to keep upgrading...
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How neat has this thread been...
Initially posted here in 2001.

Am now a "Retired" Journeyman Lineman and lovin’ the bum life.
I can now use "Retired" as part of my professional title... Ain’t it cool?

System is @ 20k and on my last TT purchase.
Time to sit back, reflect on what an awesome journey it has truly been and enjoy the fruit.
Think I’ll have another frosty beverage...

Hope this finds all posters mostly still vertical and breathing...
Carry on, nothing to see here :)
Great thread over many years! Good to see updates - confirm audiophiles live well & longer.

Newish to audiogon. Family doctor & now putting together a hi-fi system after many years of mid-fi. Learnt a lot on the forum here, so thank you!
I’m retired. Mostly selling something or other during my working life. Last position was selling and negotiating contracts for a team of 22 senior IT consultants in NYC. 
System is maybe $15 or $16k. Small, intimate, oriented towards the reproduction of acoustic music.

Oh yeah, my age; 64.