Are "Professional Grade" CD players good?

Hi, I notices a few auctions on eBay where "studio-mastering quality" CD players are being let go. Pictures of them revealed that they have SPIF, coaxial digital, XLR digital, XLR analogue, XLR seperate analogue (left and right), outputs. Here is an example:
My question is, are these worth it?
Or do I have better luck getting a Rega Planet Original or Rega Planet 2000 CD player?
As far as I know, only Mark Levinson has XLR connectors for consumer-grade audio compnonents.

Thanks for your input.
My Sony 707ES has XLR outs.
for a balanced interface, try Wadia or Accuphase.
(ebay's) "pro" players may be intended for broadcast applications; we have a Tandberg like that here but I don't really think that I'd want it at home.
Meridian and some other top end players have XLR, it is not that uncommon to see them on players anymore.
Most 'professional'cd-players are build to stand a fair amount of abuse and be resistant to vibrations etc, but not especially for perfect sound, so a good audiophile player will outperform it. And for balanced outputs: they are only worthwhile if you're amp has balanced inputs as well...
Satch, you cannot say it about Tandberg that accommodates immunity to abuses along with ability to reproduce with audiofile quality.