What's the longest you've done without listening?

I left for vacation on Dec 15 and though I've been back for a couple weeks, I've not even turned on the stereo. I've used the stuff for movies and TV, but not music. I can't really say I've missed it, though that may be an occupational thing (professional musician). Anyone else go for long periods without stereo?
3 months .      I had the system if I wanted to listen , but just didnt want to and had other things to keep me busy.     
 I enjoy listening just as much as the next person does.....but my life wont come to an end if I dont listen everyday.
I can't bring myself to admit to the super long time, but it was because there were 5 kids in the house, and the 'living room' was where the audio equipment was. What was the point?
My wife says I have not been listening to her for over 20 years now, and that is the how I manage to enjoy my music so often!
Just left home and my rig for twenty one days. It is going to be hell. Luckily the beachside lime tree bar in Belize is jammin to Bob Marley.  I hope I make it.
Flatblackround...sounds rough!
Big shutterbug is hilarious
i did laugh out loud