What's the best XLR interconnects for Krell?

I would like to know what's the best XLR interconnect for a Krell RC-2 pre-amp, Krell 300CD, with a Classe CA-400?
I currently have the B&W n802's.

I have a Synergistic Research XLR cables and I assume it's doing a good job but I can't really compare to other XLR's.
Any other brand of XLR's better that's available out there in the middle price range?
...and what is the best globe for United States?
See my many posts on Pure Note Ceruelan. As you can see I own Krell equipment.

Sonic Genius' Reference Stereo System a/o February 2004:

Martin-Logan Prodigy speakers.
Krell FPB400cX power amp. Modified with IEC power inlet.
Krell KCT preamp.
Sony SCD-1 SACD player.

Sutherland PHD phono preamp (battery).
VPI TNT-HR-X turntable, JMW 12.5 tonearm.
Grado Statement phono cartridge.
From a lady: between Krell Kav-300CD and krc-3series2 pre, I had great results with Harmonic Technology Pro-Silway 2 XLR. There is now a Pro-Sil 3 available, but I can't currently find a supplier here in UK so haven't heard it. UK distribution, anyone know? This last week I've been burning in a Wireworld Super Eclipse 5, and after ca.100 hours the results are stunning. Neutral & well-balanced as is HTprosil, but more of pretty much everything - wider deeper stage, solider 3D imagery, wider dynamic range, and better control in dense orchestral climaxes. Bass is stronger too. Its a more demanding sound, but worth the (considerable) extra cost. So long as your amps & speakers can cope. The Pro-Sil isn't far behind though, if that's your cash limit. Oh and both cables are happy to mix with other brands. I have AQ Python from pre to power. Try a WW SE5 if you can - but give it time. (I burn mine in on a Magnum tuner.)
In my experience Purist IC are the best match for Krell. I have tried many IC's including AudioQuest, Cardas, Kimber, and Purist.

The Purist was the most open, dynamic, and tonally pure of all of them. I have replaced all the ICs I had with Purist now, but as everyone knows IC's don't make any difference!!!
I have a LOT of Krell and use the older Lindsey-Geyer interconnects. I recently tried some new much more expensive interconnects, but the L-G are still in my system.

A few years ago, I needed more, and, even though out of business, The Cable Co. made me a couple of new ones.

I still swear by them and am thankful that there is a lot of the L-G wire around.

... and ladies of course... I apologize Jayne. That's very informative.

Sounds like it narrowed down to 5 choices. Anybody tried all of the above aforementioned brands? The bullseye is still missing.

Drrdiamond, can't locate the Lindsey-Geyers.